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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Letter to Miss Shaw: Nov., 1912] PDF (668.8 KB)

')e r                            0 r3 1-T r)       C
Ltir1ua11j ur~e I S~perior ',rn to T'kO a lhouse to hou~e a,v  .
y vere too rei t  to a~e  may eakers so 'aere noo~pe1c   so lep~o
O1 the~ir 0 1  ert)t      ej/ Iivi Ie' th' -nity' y  I r iI  cert!ain ,omen
tespo vviole for theair ),n p-reoiiit.  They fniti~fuly 'isi'e  te  oe
to Thoua1e iavani arn th£ia i t~e result, tie w1o1e Co~ntry Wefl' for
3       2 to 4--only one p,      tit       no
Dy or votes on'y. 'e carrie 1 every trvi1 t}iat pushel the ho~ne to
t3 3e C3   1t8.
i ;v~ setj t' it it ieers oe~t for    not to 7o tolo- ji le' )iP
b~t  *  t-ii11  i  Y,3t  3 th   here  an! I  et  ou  wVor1'  in  &hape,
 n s  i
hiopes y~u can ret~rn wa'en -   ieee )ur stite crive vti  mnl t};  yt
can eo re twelA ac ~ai te  wit V  3, ias ~Li wo~ e . -isV Psu w'2, >e
in 2     I&1e!  i a  i lele rate a T o~e, s of c~urse.,  i pr  is Gale
wiVe l_3o.     * t iJA  it io of the atrest iiportn ce that we nho'l
be well_ r93re'sente I t t, oon,enti n but 7r'. 3e~ eliot ;   a.!
plave itte r t     I, i ;!lI.  ra.rI. ecei ct na or;-ei aid t -ns! diy
ail 11 k~e t:: )t ers h~   10 ht  I  cceit foCr  hiC -:r  o!  ic  s
ds  e  At  t e  s tnrt  L  fe~t  sure,  Are.  8~~e ehot  )%     a i~i ty
 o)t  wvn
not a t ill_ ore' RA! ke I ii >3r fivor~. After world Iz wi ec for R
jeer ± cannot tel! y u hrv opl.eni ii,  1) rkC, l ro" I a ' e,il
proVe I.
Phere  :v  oeeni  ieve   tir es  wahen  Httis  T'il? v~ i  n  Kiq  UfLL
hnv -e an ke  ira. *  eI ot to ; -op rate an e very t e i ~it waI ahe w]
riOpeon.                               heir t  rqti i-'ll i, -  A
i7nore' entirely.   Wisoonnin 'V0 en1 ow  :r a lebt 1 1 tI<' e  we the
Letton a 1e.)t or v    ri  it pon-i Yte for ua to +ve '3e
r~~~~~ c                    i    rti, -
..                           . etat         bi i tF       pn
ade i,]re ",-ores tha:. iy one perseo. -in  C rtiL ai  Hrs. !cCrenry-
Iii eicce12e t 'we' an' these rt oe aliel in our lent to yal--
you 'anRe it p)s131oe f'r ua to p t the   ieat voren 11 the fien   .
N~  i.l~inois ,wvo en  't re I  cv pat rn alho~-t fro' the a nrt.

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