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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

Suggestions for county organizations PDF (1.4 MB)

responsible for thorough house to house canvass of that district.
Have her begin by holding a Tea at her home, some afternoon, and
inviting all the women in her precinct to be present. Explain to
them that the district is to be organized under her, as captain or
leader, and ask for volunteers to help in the house to house can-
vass. Give each one certain streets to cover. The idea of this
house to house canvass is to make a personal call on each family,
find out how the voters in the family stand on suffrage and get
them to sign the suffrage pledge blank if possible. Enroll women
as paying members if possible. If the family is opposed to suff-
rage, or doubtful, leave literature and call again. THIS CLOSE
This should begin as soon as the weather is warm enough, and the
chairman of the organization committee in each county should begin
now to pick out her captains for each district. ALL SIGNED VOTERS'
will find blank and voter's pledge for use in this work. We will
furnish these for nothing, in any quantity.
(d) For organization of the smaller towns in the county, we
suggest the following method. Get a map of the county divided into
townships and plan to organize a campaign committee in each town-
ship (or other convenient division.) Arrange by letter a conference
with a few women already interested in suffrage in a certain town-
ship. At this conference, explain to them the plan of the campaign
and urge them to arrange for a larger meeting perhaps a week later,
at which the county organization will furnish a speaker. At the
close of this larger meeting have your membership blanks signed,
and have one responsible woman elected chairman of the suffrage
campaign committee of that township. Make her a member of the Coun-
ty Executive Board. Then see that she is invited to all meetings
and kept in touch with the county work, so that she can extend the
work outlined above into her township. Each town chairman should
plan for a canvass of her town or village, using blank and pledge
attached, just as the City Ward Leader canvasses her ward.
NOTE. (In many cases these instructions will not apply. They
are meant to be helpful suggestions, - not to be followed literally
in every case. For instance where there is more than one large town
in a county, it is sometimes wiser to have one organization, like
the above in each town, instead of one for the whole county.)
To the Secretary of every organization:
Please send names and addresses of all officers and com-
mittee Chairmen and Town Chairmen as soon as they are elected or
appointed, and all signed voters' pledges to
Mrs. Crystal Eastman Benedict, Campaign Manager,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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