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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

Suggestions for county organizations PDF (1.4 MB)

A.          Organize with regular officers, President, Vice Presi-
dent, Secretary and Treasurer, calling the organization 'POLI-
TICAL EQUALITY LEAGUE OF                 I COUNTY*, or any other
suitable name. (We would suggest that you make membership fee
50 cents and make both men and women eligible to membership.)
B.          Appoint or elect at once, four committee chairmen, wo-
men willing to take responsibility for actual campaign work
outlined as follows; giving each committee chairman power to
appoint committee members. Make the officers and Committee
Chairmen your Executive Board.
1.   For Chairman of Finance Committee:
Do not delay the work of this committee. A small campaign
fund will be necessary for almost any undertaking and will be in-
creasingly necessary as the work of the county league progresses.
Draw up a list of well-to-do liberal minded citizens, men and wo-
men who are likely to help; persuade one other good person to go
with you, get an automobile and start out. Visit all the people on
the list, the men in their offices if possible, and make the best
personal appeal you can for contributions to the suffrage work in
your county. In this personal canvas try to get contributions or
pledges of $1.00 and up. We would advise you to give this method
of raising money a thorough trial before undertaking any of the
slower and more laborious methods of raising money.
2.   For Chairman of Press Committee:
(a) Keep local papers in the county well supplied with suffrage
news and propaganda. See the editor personally, and find out how he
stands. If he is favorableask him to write editorials. Furnish pic-
tures of well-known suffragists in the community, with their reasons
for believing in suffrage. Offer a prize for the best statement of
the argument for woman's suffrage. Start a question and answer col-
umn on suffrage edited by some well known local woman, etc. etc.
(b) Send all local suffrage news, no matter how unimportant it
seems, at once to Mrs. Henry M. Youmans, State Press Chairman, Wau-
kesha, Wis.,for use in the press bulletin. Send her notices in ad-
vance, of any suffrage affairs to be held in the county and follow
that up with accounts after the meeting is over. Do this promptly.
(c) Send the same items of local news to the Woman's Journal,
585 Boylston St.,Boston, Mass.,and to the National Press Chairman,
Miss Caroline I. Reilly, 505 Fifth Ave., New York.
(4) Read carefully all local papers for unfavorable editorials,
articles or letters on suffrage and see that everything in this

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