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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Olympia Brown resigns] PDF (286.0 KB)

/a.       b
Veteran P resident of Siffrage Won-..
4n Gives Up the Gavel.         " I
-w e V  Nis..  oV. / 33.-After!
thirty unris of s rvicE. as presijdie of a
h iseonsin  *0ornan's ,Suftrane aso-i-
etation. Rev. ,-0yn11pi,  Bruwn. (if  a-,
clie. Jaid dowtj tile gavIl yeslerday i.'
aftern(on, in spite of the protest. tears!
and Ideadings of a deimotel la ud of fyi-:
lo0wer,.                                n
Members of the association     elerted
i'Nlts L].tie E. Stearns  presidien. hiut:
only after Mrs. Browrn htd    reierate,rl:
jhPr dewrmnatiuon not T   serve aga,,
anti had nmade all Ii ,pefll -to ee err
friend here" to vlte tor Miss Sle:'n    n
who  has  long  been  Setiv,  in  the  Into e-
Even under those circumstances. Mi.,jýn
Stearns was eletted with but one- nhi-%
jority, although every member present
expressed themselves as wautin     her.
Iunless Mrs. Brown could lie induel to i"
rerve.  Every vote not cast for .Mis. S S
teams was count(l,] for Mrs. Brown. y.
Mrs. Brown was then nmade honorary
president, and is the first to hold this nm
office in the ass.ciation.
'NJrs. Brown gave a., her reason f';r;
refusing reelection_ that she iioped' for
fallnligalnlalion of the scveral suffrage as.
soeiatiolls of ih  stalte.              n
she said she felt convinleed that no '
affiliation of bl¢ielit- coulld be aeTonM-
plisibi   les "s1'10. onr Wils !aced atiý
the bead who had not preleviotusly heid e3] -
lany given association.
Other offivers *Ooetle are:  3is.s Zonn.
Gale. Portage, first vice president: %Irs.
Mary   Scott Johnson. Sllterior; .Mi~s
Marthm   C. Heille, recording seeretary
Mrs. H. M. Holton. correslpoding sec-
retary; 'Miss (3wendolyn l'illis, treas-
.-Delezate  to the -National lWOtlyan's
"Stfirage aisrovintion were chosen as f,d-
lows :    .ev 1    Olympia  Brown.  tie
Mmes. Frank Eggers, N. K. Donaldson.
-Nora  Perkins .eanson. Mary      Scott
Johnson. H. M. Holton. Newman.        .!
2.M. Daniels. and the Misses Grace King
and Linda Rhodes.
The queslion of changing the name of!
the association wtaý brought up as-al
possible eanus of making it enasier'to;
effect a union.  This was ti0t done, as
the sentiment of . the president was;
against abaindoning the naine    underI
-which the association was ilneorpor:ated
in 1882.
RIesolitiotis were passed ins.rutinthig
the secretary to invite  tie American
suffragette to imrge with tlhe WVi.(.on-
sin ' 'oui.ns Suffrage asshciltion: mik-
lag tIe Wisconsin Citizen   the official
organ of thle aasscialioll: pletlging lie
tassociation to work vtineasinuhy against -
the white slive traffic: dvplorin-." lth,
logs by death of Sarah Day. Brodheaid;I
Kate Woster, Brodhead: Kittie E. V.*
Hollister, Mladison: to send greeting to
Carrie Chaimnian Catt at the time of her]
demonstrnaion meeting in   New    York,
,November 19.                        r
Carrying a lady's rnibrella Is another 0
sign a  ia n is rniarrid.
GrAnd. ThursLday, Marx Bros. and 16
others -Advs.
IDD    A ts( 91   '-m

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