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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Letter from Mrs. H. M. Holton to Miss Ada L. James and Mrs. Crystal Eastman Benedict: Milwaukee: Nov. 12, 1912] PDF (393.1 KB)

Mighongin ! oman'o *uffrage Ztoociation
Officers;                                             abizorp 3Roarb
941 Lake Avenu.e, Racine                         Mrs. Emma E. Crosby  Miss
Zons Gale
First Vice President-Mrs. E. C. Priddle                    Racine       
4208 Pabst Avenue, Milwaukee
Second Vice President-Miss Linda Rhodes                 Mrs. C. S. Morris
 Mr. Emil Seidel
Lancaster                                           Berlin        Milwaukee
Recording Secretary-Miss W. vonBruenchenhein
Wauwatosa                                        Rev. E. J. Updike  Miss
Lutie E. Stearns
Corresponding Secretary-Mrs. Nellie K. Donaldson
Keamey Avenue, Racine                               Madison       Milwaukee
Treasoe-Dr. Gwendolen B. Willis
Milwaukee-Downer College, Milwaukee  HEADQUARTERS  Mrs. Mary D. Bradford
 Mrs. Robert M. LaFollette
Chairman Executive Committee-Mrs. Etta M. Gardner          Kenosha      
Platteville          723 GOLDSMITH BLDG., MILWAUKEE
Editor "The Wisconsin Citizen"-Miss Lena V. Newman            
 Mr. Jeremiah M. Quin
Brodhead                   Telephone Main 2136             Milwaukee
I vlaulee  Nov. 71,19
 Niss Ada L.Jaries, anid
Ivrs. Crystal Eastmani Fen (di ct,
Th~risoriin  'ar 2L&     ' sociatior having UYder
consider'ation the letter d ted~ iov. 7th, anrd s!inedi by you su~gs~ ting~
tmat the .iscon.sinf ;our Su~fra ~e 3s3ociatio ran te $itic$il Iqnality
Lea~ue ¶erge~ into oni 3tat orgarization under a ne na~e "on condition
that neithex i~rs. 1Brow~n, nor :s  illia, nor 3!i     Ja~, no    ~s
Eenedc&t, ,,: oib>a     ierot  'ri .... tfuily r~ply:-
2.   liscons'ir o"~a  ouf%.    *azsociation was organ xi1V     ,
od :cu~e~  is ~~1  n¢ charted ss an' ircorporated institution in 1f3P7.
Tht. nam  is knom. ove r the .ie    - 0   ron  s  fr7    ~    r    ~'ol
over; its history under~m1 he wea rship of such distinguishec >omeria
Dr.~~~~~ Lar 03.1 octt   r, '
Dr.Iau~ Ri~a~o~ot   ...r. Thri C. Eascom, arO tWc Rev. 2Il'ympia T:rron,
is a. pa'rt of the history  £ i~   S7tate anrd of t'- roa      emrt
proposition, therefore, to c'~an~ th na'~e in su~ch a ',ay a,: to lose the
identity or continuity of tIe A~ssociation cannot be entertained.
ince we know that any of the suffr e workers regret a
division of forcestand have hoped that in the work before us we might
presenrt a front, andc
Since the Political Equality L~eadlme incl~udes ri-ny trho were
formerly members of the Wisconlsin roman  .....      soitona~         h
under its banner helped to cremate snd crystalii the sentinent which
made the recent ca.rpain possible,
~Jetheefoe,  nnur i   ~ting assembled hereby express the
desires that a union of all suffra eforc~s.. ir isconsin nay be brought
e answ r the~ propostito1h with regard to the name; we have
elected officers 'ookingp to the e-rd su'~a   ted,/and we now invite you
to unite with us, or to appoint a cowmittee for further conference.
'isconsin Woman Suffrare Association.
Corresponding Secretary.

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