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Kinney, Thomas P. / Irish settlers of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, 1840-1860

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Appendix H
Gravestone Inscriptions from St. Mary's Cemetery, Fitchburg*
(Compiler's comments are in parentheses.)
BURKE        Thomas-d. 1887, 56 years
Patrick--d. July 2, 1886, 66 years 3 months
WHALEN       Martha J.--daughter of James and Mary--d. January 14, 1880, 14 years 10 months, (Remains moved)
MURPHY       Johanna-widow of John-native of Parish Cork, Ireland--d. September 7, 1885, 73 years
John-of Parish Templemartin, Co. Cork, Ireland--d. July 29, 1862, 54 years
John-son of Johanna and John-d. March 1887, 45 years, (Civil War veteran)
MULLOY       Thomas-son of John and Mary-d. July 21, 1861, 9 years 5 months
WELCH        Matthew-August 8, 1866, (50/70 years?)
McFADDEN     Catherine-widow of Thomas-d. June 26, 18?8, 30 years, native of Tyrone, Ireland
KERWIN       Mark-d. Dec. 16, 1867, 75 years
Rose Ann-his wife-d. September 22, 1871, 74 years, native of Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Mark-son of Mark and Rose--d. April 2, 1859, 23 years
(Also had a son James)
FARRELL      (Parents of Father Farrell, former pastor.)
STARRY       (No information)
PURCELL      (First two children born to the marriage of John Purcell and Katharine O'Connell Purcell. John and Katharine
were the parents of Maurice Purcell who died November, 1980. They lived on the same farm as Maurice did in
the Town of Fitchburg all of their lives.)
John Purcell, d. about 1882 or 1883, b. about 1878, died at the age of 5 years from diptheria.
Mary Purcell, b. about 1880, died 1882 or 1883, died at age of 3 years from diptheria.
BROWN        (No information)
SWEENEY      Pat Sweeney-husband of Mary Whalen Sweeney
(a sister of Pat Sweeney and Eugene Sweeney, first name unknown, died between 1860 and 1870)
Mary Sweeney, daughter of Catherine Whalen Sweeney and Eugene, d. 1881, 4 months
COLE         Samuel-b. in Gloustershire, England 1814, 79 years, 10 months
Winifred Henshaw-widow of Samuel-d. October 25, 1873, 60 years
(Previous property owners say a Civil War soldier was buried in this cemetery. Some claim to have seen a monument.)
*Compiled by Maurice O'Brien, Oregon township, Wisconsin, ca. 1982. Gravestone inscriptions copied by Mrs. Corsgard.

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