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Instructions to fire wardens

Duties of fire wardens,   pp. [1]-[3] PDF (661.8 KB)

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the printed form furnished him for that purpose. Before writing the
report he should make a careful examination of the burned area, so
that he may be able to state correctly the number of acres burned
over, the extent of the damage, the amount and kind of timber
destroyed and the loss In other kinds of property. Bspecial pains
should be taken to ascertain the cause of the fire, and the person or
persons who started it. Too many reports are received In which the
printed question asto the causeof the fire to answered with the words
"Cause nknkown." If attended to prompti,        rse shoeuld be-
trouble In ascertaining the point at which the fire started and, In most
cases, who started it. The facts should then be written out fully In
the report, no matter whom It may concern. Each flire warden should
discharge his duty in this respect without fear or favor. In addition
to answering f lly the pinted questions in the report, the fire wden
should furnish under the head of "Remarls" suek further Infamatien
as may not be conveyed in the preceding answers and should take
pains to include also everything that might relate directly or Indirectly
to the matter.
Bills, also, for services as fire warden must be sent to the state for.
ester for his approval, and will xwt be approved for work In extinguish-
ing a fire until a report of the fire has been received.
"All town fire wardens shall take prompt and effective measures against
spresd and Illegal setting of forest, marsh or swamp fifes within their own
adjoining towns .The town lire wadens shall first submit to the
state forester itemized accounts for their own services and the service,
of tbe r
assistants, and no accounts shall he paid out of the treasury of the town
which such services have been rendered without a written approval of the
forester." (Sectlon 8.)
"Every fire warden, Immediately after each fire in his- territor. shall
to the state forester a detailed report of said fire." (Pection ii.)
A brief report must be mnde out at the end of the year by each fre
warden, on ak b*Wak. thet. will be sent for that purpose. In order to
make this reqrt          "ell l . warde  should keep a memorandum  of
the facts bIltafineh tn thelF teports made from time to time during the
FEvery fre warden .hall report annually on or before the first day
of lrember a summary- of all forest fisand such other matters as the state
forester may direct." (Netloo U.)

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