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Rivard, John T. / Triple centennial jubilee souvenir book : Somerset

Chapter V: Period of growth, 1870-1900,   pp. 17-23

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Interior of Dining Room at Historic St. Croix Boom, Stillwater, Minn.
This picture shows the interior of the cook house on the famous St.
Croix Boom, three miles North of Stillwater, Minnesota at the en-
trance of St. Croix Lake, where for 70 years the boom served as a
sorting place for the many log drives that came down the St. Croix
River and its 22 tributaries. This cook house served meals to tens
of thousands of rivermen in its day. Many famous cooks served
at this old cook house, including such cooks as Dan Elliot, Frank
Garen, Henry Hervieux, Tom Wright, Joe Collins, Frank Klatt, God-
frey Mahre, Paul Gabbort, Andrew McGrath and others. Charles
Mullholand was the last cook. This historic boom closed its doors
June 12, 1914, and this famous cook house which served many a
free, nourishing meal to visitors is now only a memory.
The cooks in the cook-house of the St. Croix Boom Company at
Stillwater, Minnesota, on the St. Croix River in 1886. Back row,
left to right, Tim Harvieux, C. A. Parent, D. Sicard, E. Carufel, 0.
Payette, Henri Harvieux. Front row, left to right, E. Payette, W.
Sicard, Win. Bergeron, F. 0. Harvieux. Photo by Ed. C. Fisher of
St. Paul, Minnesota.
"Our Lumber Jacks"
Left to right: John 0. Martell, Charles Morrisette, Henry Harvieux,
Louis Parnell, George Harvieux, Amable Morrisette, Delor Harvieux.
Photo taken in 1903.
A view of the log pond and log slip at the David Tozer Company's
sawmill on the St. Croix at South Stillwater, Minnesota.  In the
background, is the steam tugboat, Edwin C., used to tow logs from
the St. Croix boom to the various mills and rafting grounds on the
lake.  Many hundreds of millions of feet of wonderful logs of
whitepine went up this log slip to be converted into high grade lum-
ber, later shipped to all points of the world. This mill was origi-
nally owned by E. W. Durant and David Gaslin.    The Stillwoer
Lumber Co. (David Tozer, E. W. Durant, A. T. Jenks, and R. J.
Wheeler) bought the mill in 1884. The Tozer interests acquired
the mill in 1892 and operated it until 1916.  Largest years cut
was about 50,000,000 feet.
The third Schulenburg-Boeckler sawmill at Stillwater, Minnesota
was built in 1894. The machinery was brought from a St. Louis
sawmill. George Atwood bought the mill in 1901 and operated it
until it burned down in 1907.
Photographed by Cooper, photographer, Stillwater, Minnesota.
A view of a portion of the extensive lumber yards and planing mill
shed of the David Tozer Company's sawmill at South Stillwater,
One of the reasons the St. CroiFc River was nationally known as a
whitepine lumber center. View of two record breaking boards from
the lumber yards of the David Tozer Company's sawmill at South
Stillwater, Minnesota. These boards are 10/4 by 36 inches. In
other words, 3 feet wide, and 2V2 inches thick, C Select Whitepine
lumber.  Frank Stenlund, employee of the David Tozer Co., is
shown with arm outstretched across one of these boards.

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