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Rivard, John T. / Triple centennial jubilee souvenir book : Somerset

Chapter V: period of growth, 1870-1900,   pp. 17-23

Page 18

Logging operations at McDermott's Camp on Ground House. Win-
ter of 1892-1893. Elias Mitchell, Ox Driver.
This is a photo of the old St. Croix Boom above Stillwater taken
in 1872.
This picture shows the way that they got out wanigan knees in the
woods. These men are cutting down tamarack and spruce trees
in order to secure knees for use in building wanigans used on the
log drives in the spring. The tree was cut off about four feet
from the ground, and then dug up by the roots which grew at a
right angle to the trunk of the tree. These knees were used as the
framework for the hull of the wanigan which was really a sort of
barge or houseboat used to transport the cooking equipment on the
These wanigans were built during the winter months for up the
river in the woods where everything had to be hewn out by hand,
as there was no sawed lumber in these remote spots. Note the
oxen which, for many years, were used instead of horses.
This picture was taken about 1902 at Willow River, Pine County,
Minnesota by Parker, photographer.
View of Stillwater, Minnesota in 1899. The pontoon bridge and
millyard of the East Side Lumber Company are in the foreground,
with a raft of logs on the lake.
Log jam at Taylors Falls, Minnesota, on the St. Croix River in
the year 1886. Estimated at one hundred and fifty million feet.
Largest Load Pine Logs ever hauled on loggin sleds in Wis. or
Minn. March 17th, 1909. Scale 71,770 ft., 19 ft. wide, 24 ft.
high. Distance 3.4 mile. Teamster: Herman Siedenkrens. Horses'
Names: Ballie, Nellie, Roudy and Dan. Top Loader: Geo. Villard.
Foreman: Tom Boury. Logger: Lee Hammond, who logged in the
winter of 1904 and 1905, 40,000,000 ft. on Lost Lake, Wis., this
being largest amount of logs ever logged in one winter on sleighs by
one loader in Wis. or Minn.

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