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Somerset, Wisconsin: 125 pioneer families and Canadian connection: 125th year

[Rosalie Parnell's book on Somerset, Wisconsin],   pp. 11-64 PDF (24.6 MB)

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few yards from the railroad bridge over the river (Soo Line R.R.).
In the meantime, about 1868, Mr. Louis Parent passed away.
After some time Mrs. remarried another man by the name of Parent
(Charles) not of close relationship. They lived around the lake
north of the Falls two or three miles away. Pine Lake was a large
body of water indeed and very beautiful, gradually deteriorated by
culturing the land around it and so on (I believe dry by this
time) but the locality still bears the name.
While living in this locality, Mrs. Charles (Louie) met with
her sad experiences, one of which I shall relate. One afternoon
with no warning whatever, her house was suddenly filled with
"RedSkin$" with war paint, tomahawks, leashes and blood thirst in
their eyes. They seized and gagged and bound her. She immediately
had recourse to her "Divine Master" imploring assistance. At the
very instant a huge black dog appeared in the doorway barking
furiously. They being afraid of dogs, vanished like magic and left
her in this state. She cared not, only very thankful her life and
her children had been spared.
Later this couple moved to their new home on the hill north of
the St. Anne's Church, where members of the three Parent families
resided. The two children of the last union, Edmund, now deceased,
and Angele (Mrs. Theodore Marquis). Mrs. T. Marquis now lives
with one of her daughters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Charles C.
Parent, the only survivor of one of the other families of Parents
is the eldest resident of our Parish and village now resides with
a nephew, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Plourde. He is very much alive,
visiting his relatives far and near.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Parent Sr. both lived to a very ripe old age.
Mr. passed away several years before Mrs. They were a tine example
of a couple, very friendly, jolly and religious, faithful about
attending services, always on hand for any service they were capable
of rendering. For instance at Confirmation they were sponsors for
years and years. Mrs. for the girls and Mr. for the boys. Their
lives have been fruitful indeed and many times referred to as an
example in many instances -- God Bless them both.
Those on the first school board were Clerk Thomas Parnell,
Treasurer, Desire Rivard and Secretary, Antoine Parent. The school-
house was built in 1858 or 1859; however, no record could be found.
The first instructor was a Mr. J. Hill of Maple Island, Minnesota.
There was also a Miss Sam Frances, sister to the late Mrs. J. S.
Plourde, Sr., who taught many years; Miss Rose Parent (now Mrs.
Patrick Baillargeon) and her sister Mrs. Aldage Baillargeon, now
deceased; Mrs. Louis Sicard; Miss Evelyn Montbriand, deceased,
sister to the late Ed Montbriand of the village; Mrs. J.L. Rivard;
and Miss Olive Levesque, later Mrs. Ludger La Venture of New
Richmond, also deceased.

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