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Somerset, Wisconsin: 125 pioneer families and Canadian connection: 125th year

[Rosalie Parnell's book on Somerset, Wisconsin],   pp. 11-64 PDF (24.6 MB)

Page 14

Permit me please if I in my plain and simple expressions try
to convey my efforts to render my deepest heartfelt sentiments of
gratitude, respect and admiration to those noble forefathers of
ours, for their undaunted courage, uncomparable zeal and ambitions.
This demonstration of ardent devotion towards their fellowmen, pro-
motion of civilization, thereby bettering the existing conditions,
for all mankind to enjoy long after their departure from this world.
Yes, indeed, their fervent endeavors should be highly esteemed
by each and every one of us, and all generations to come. Let us
pause for a moment reverently to meditate on the extent of their
sacrifices. Leaving first their parents, homes surroundings,
everything dear to them, their loved ones, and scenes of childhood
days. How very often their thoughts must have wandered back home.
Especially when danger was encountered and constantly feared.
There was the possibility of attacks at any moment since Indians
were all around them. They launched out into unknown territories
facing hardships, misery, armed with bravery and high hopes of
adventure for bettering their own livelihood. (Conditions back
in Canada were not favorable the later years).
May these souls and the noble fruitful results of their
enterprise and devoted efforts be forever remembered and cherished
and also rewarded to the fullest measures.
We are surely justified giving this celebration to extend
our great gratitude by offering a prayer for them. No tribute
is too great for the credit those true hard-working zealous souls
bore so patiently. They who actually risked their own lives, and
those of their families as well in the pursuit of the happeness
we today enjoy.
Let us just compare our country today with all the privileges
we enjoy, but not too often appreciated, not realizing so many
sacrificed their lives for us. Especially during this epoch of
restlessness throughout the world and in almost every individual
to some extent.
To those who had to make the supreme sacrifice and these
dear ancestors -- May they rest in peace, well earned. May our
Dear Lord grant them all eternal happiness.

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