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Somerset, Wisconsin: 125 pioneer families and Canadian connection: 125th year

[Rosalie Parnell's book on Somerset, Wisconsin],   pp. 11-64 PDF (24.6 MB)

Page 13

It has long been my ambition to put in black and white the
legends (permit me to call them such) of the early days -- of our
dear community, county, township and parish. These legends have
been related time and time again by our elder relatives and friends.
Little did we realize that it would not be too long before they
would almost sound like fairy tales or tales of doubtful nature
To this younger generation it will so appear. However, I do
not intend to dwell deeply on history as all have studied same
at some time or other. But the very primitive stage is what was
a source of interest to me. Since the fall of 1946 1 have had
the opportunity of doing some research work to quite an extent,
endeavoring to gather everything possible at libraries and the
historical library as well, for which I am very thankful for the
courteous cooperation received.
I am only too glad to try and pass some of this material
along. As before mentioned, to generations of today, it may
perhaps be sort of beyond their full realization.
It is much to our sorrow to note that so very many of our
trusty pioneers have long left us. Very few remain to verify
these statements, and relate some of their own experiences of
high interest.
It is very amusing indeed to note the extreme manifestation
of pleasure it would seem to give those honorable pioneers,
especially, when an audience was at hand -- let, s say at the old
country store or the town hall, at reunions of families, relatives
and fellow men.
Those blessed get-togethers of long ago, where all knew their
relations and congregated often like a large family. Yes, folks
were acquainted and the true spirit of friendship prevailed
But please bear in mind too that at times during those
narrations there was great probability of gross exaggerations
creeping in, either for greater enjoyment in repeating same or
in contest attitudes.
Any further contributions are heartily invited as well as
corrections of errors if any accidentally crept in unintentionally.
You will agree chances for this may happen regardless of careful-
ness exercised. It would be greatly appreciated by me if you would
please kindly inform me of same, corrections would cheerfully be
made upon verification.
Thanking you most kindly,
R. M. Parnell

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