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Somerset, Wisconsin: 125 pioneer families and Canadian connection: 125th year

[Rosalie Parnell's book on Somerset, Wisconsin],   pp. 11-64 PDF (24.6 MB)

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My aim and pleasure in writing these facts and incidents
were recounted again and again and recaptured through researches
wherever available. The pleasures it gave me shall always be
Just one hundred years ago in October of 1852 two white men,
brothers, namely Louie Parent, married, and Joseph Parent, his
brother, wmarried, were the first white men to trod and settle
on the east side of the river Saint Croix, at the *outh of    the
Apple River. They built their home at the foot of the high cliff
as close to the bank as possible.
I wish to dedicate this record to the fourth generation of
these pioneers. This includes the Parnells and Parents and the
families related to those men. My own grandmother was a sister
to these boys, Mrs. Thomas Parnell.
She came at their bidding to this Haven of Ltouisconsin,
Aussi"La-Nouvelle France" as France owned same.
To my own brothers and sisters, my nieces and nephews, to
all cousins and all relatives -- quite numerous.
Sorry to state not many of the aunts and uncles remain in
our midst. May they rest in peace.
A la pointe de la pomme de terre
At the mouth of the Apple River
In the County of Saint Croix, Township
of Saint Morrisette
Now known as "Somerset".
This is the authentic beginning of the Parish of Sainte Anne,
and Somerset Township and Village of Somerset.
Long may each one continue in its progress which has been
remarkable during the last hundred years.
Most cordially yours,
Rosalie M. Parnell,
A former resident of both.
(Now residing at Madison, Wis.)

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