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Somerset, Wisconsin: 125 pioneer families and Canadian connection: 125th year

[From book "History of northern Wisconsin" printed in 1881 by Western Historical Company of Chicago],   pp. 5-10 PDF (4.1 MB)

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FRANZ M.ESMER, Somerset; came to America July 3,
1880; was educated in Munich at the Seminary, a business collegc;
followed milling while in Germany, running his own mill in Ba-
varia; landed in New York City, where he remained for a few
days; went from there to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he remained a
few days; thence to Milwaukee for two weeks; thence to Winona
in a flouring mill; then to Minneapolis, in the Crown Roller Mill
for eight months; thence to Somerset, and engaged in the manu-
facture of flour, doing both a merchant and custom business; the
mill has a capacity of sixty barrels per day; married July 19,
1875, to Miss Therese Kircher, of Bavaria; they have two chil-
dren-Franz and Otto; his father is a Superintendent of Roads,
Rivers and Buildings in Bavaria ; has held the office for the last
forty years, and now receives a pension from Bavaria; Mr. Moes-
mer was a soldier in the Bavarian Army; was Lieutenant in the
army : was in the battle of Sedan ; in active service three years.
FRANK X. MONTBRIAND, Somerset; was born in Lower
Canada, Sept. 20, 1856 ; lived with his parents twenty-one years;
then went to Buffalo, N. Y., for seven months; came to Eau
Galle Mills in 1857, where he remained for two years; thence to
Stillwater, Minn., for a short time; then to Somerset, and bought
a farm of 155 acres of the Government, on which he now lives
and built a blacksmith shop, and in about two years went to the
flour mill, working nights in the mill and days in the blacksmith
shop. Was married in January, 1853, to Mary Ann Parent;
they have nine children--Edward, Amelia, Soulia, Emily, Roslia,
Frank, Alexander, Ellen and Alfred. He built the first black-
smith shop in the village of Somerset, and built the second house
in the village; was Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in
1857 ; also Side Supervisor for four years.
THOMPSON NELSON, Somerset; was born in Mason Co.,
Va., in 1811, where he remained for twenty-two years, farming;
moved to Wabash Co., Ind., and remained for about twenty years,
fArming; came to Somerset in the fall of 1854, and located where
lie now lives; at that time it was a wilderness ; his nearest neigh-
bor was in the village of Somerset, six miles distant, where he got
his supplies, doing most of his trading at Hudson, twenty-two
miles, and sixteen miles to Stillwater, going with oxen, taking two
- days to make the trip, taking loads of deer to both places, and
getting good prices; has been Town Clerk and Chairman of the
Board of Supervisors for several years, and member of the Board
for nine years; three years a member of the County Board; also,
Overseer of Highways for several years.  Nlarried in 1833, Miss
Mary Ann Greenlee, of Virginia; they have five children-James
C., Susan, John G., Mary F. and William T.
CHARLES PARENT, Somerset, was born in Quebec, Can-
ada, April 12, 1855. Worked on farm until twenty-three years
old; learned the wagon-maker's trade and followed it for two
years. Went to Oswego, N. Y., and worked on a farm; thence
to Detroit, Mich., and worked at his trade for five and a half
years. Came to Somerset in May, 1856, and twelve years ago
came to his present home, locating where lie now has 520 acres.
Was'married in September, 1S69, to Mrs. Angeline Parent. They
have seven children--Mvry, Della, Joseph, Charlie, Rosalie, Addie
and Alfonzo. He owns a steam threshing machine, and, with his
active boys, he threshes a large amount of grain each year.
JOSEPH PARENT, Somerset, was born in Three Rivers,
Canada, Oct. 10, 1816. Was engaged in farming.      Came to
Somerset in 1850, and located his farm of 160 acres. Was mar-
ried in June, 1863, to Miss Bridget Ring. They have no chil-
dren. Mr. Parent states that the "Otter" was the first steam-
boat run on the St. Croix River, Capt. Harris, Commander.
THOMAS PARNELL, Someret. Born in Canada East,
District of St. Francis, April 21, 1818, and engaged in farming
until he came to Somerset in i852. At that rime there was but
one house in the town, now occupied by David German, who then
lived two miles distant. There was not a surveyed road in the
town, and all his traveling was done by marked trees. He brought
all his supplies on his back from 'Hudson, a distance of twenty-
two miles. Has been Chairman, of the Board of Supervisors for
several years, Clerk of the district school five years,. and Director
two years. Was married Jan. 24, 1848, to Miss Angeline Parent.
They have seven children-William, Oliver, Frederick, Elizabeth,
Lawrence, John and Mary.
DANIEL PHILIAPS, Somerset.        Was born in Rochester,
Wis., Dec. 28, 1848. Lived on a farm until sixteen years old,
when he learned the trades of carpenter, joiner and mason; has
worked at the trades about eleven years. During this time, he
worked two years in La Salle Co., Ill., six years iu Iowa, and the
balance of the time in St. Croix Co., and is conceded to be one of
the best mechanics in this part of the State. Is not married.
JERRIE REVORD, Somerset, is a native of Canada. Came
to Somerset in June, 1855, and located where he now lives.
Owns 180 acres. Was married in April, 1860, to Miss Mary
Martell. They have twelve children-Jerrie S., Francis D., Louis
N., Israel, Adelphus, Jerry R., Joseph N., Mary L., Mary E.,
Mary R: and Mary.
Pages 5 to here from book "History
of Northern Wisconsin" printed in
1881 by Western Historical Company
of Chicago.
See page 44 for more information
about the Plaster Doctor J. Till.

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