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Haines, C. J.; Dean E. G. (ed.) / Rice Lake, Wisconsin

[Business and professional],   pp. 24-49 ff.

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a  ca    e., is located at 108 Main      CHARRON, DR. T. R , physician and surgeon, has his
stret ndhasben i bsinsshere about 15 years.    office at res idence on Newton street, west of Main. Dr.
Band dealer in harness,              Charron was born at St. Hubert, near Montreal, Oct. 29,
r  wrnishings, robes, etc., 107      1860. In 1887 he graduated in medicine from the
Mhere inbuiness nine years. He       Queen Victoria College, at Montreal, and soon after
e, N. Y., but has resided in Wis-    came to this city and began practicing. He is success-
or 11  as e lived at Hudson, three  ful and popular and enjoys a very large practice. He
yin business                            is president of the Rice Lake Creamery company, owns
in880 to 18S7 at which time he re-      considerable property in  the city  and surrounding
me            his residenc in Menom-    country, and is one of the largest individual tax payers
a  ber f the b     of alderman several  in the city. He has served three terms as city physician
yeas, ndhasseredin like capacity here four years.  and this spring was elected mayor by the largest mna-
H    1. 0. 0. F. and is captain of the  jority even given a candidate for that office. The
Uof Pythias. Mr. Brayton owns           doctor's portrait and a picture of his residence appear
here, a picture of which is shown              herewith.
elsewhere. '      :CLEVELAND, C. H.. hardware, Main street, has been a
C           J,     tant postmaster, was born   resident and in business three years. He was born at
Wi., and came here 15 years ago, and was  Joliet, Ill., and during the war served in the 100th
in the butcher business. He is       Ill. Iuft. and was wounded at Mission Ridge.
w       and popular.                   CLIFFORD, M. J., proprietor of Rice Lake Marble and
bMain stree is a native              Granite Works, manufacturer and dealer in all kinds of
to       country in 1860. He has     marble and granite monuments and general cemetery
in          20 years, and brought the first  work, Wilson avenue. has been in business in Rice Lake
blaksmth' col hrefrom C3hippewa Falls at a cost of  about two years. He is a native of Hartford, Wis.,
$                                    where he was in business eight years before coming
Hand         y groceries, corner of  here. He makes a specialty of high class and artistic
Mai an Mashal sreeshas been in this business   work and is doing a good business.
thre yars  H  is ntv~e of Quebec, came to Wiscon-    CONN, F. R., city assessor, has been a resident 20
si i 179 ad o  ic Lake in 18S2. Hie was engaged    years. Born in New York state, and came to Chippewa
in alon bsinss everal years until he opene  the   Valley in 1867. Duing thewrsveincmayH
groer  i  194.He crresgood   goods, treats   Third Minnesota Inf t. Som eas    Wwa     frea
cutoes ail adhas a profitable trade.             f-r Knapp, Stout & Co. cay       Hssrvdfu

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