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Haines, C. J.; Dean E. G. (ed.) / Rice Lake, Wisconsin

[Rice Lake, Wisconsin businesses],   pp. 16-24

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'n & Company's Stave Factory.
dustry in Rice Lake is the outgrowth of a mill
nd erected here for Hatten & Company, of
ldon, Wis., by E. Htartel in 1886. Mr. Hartel
nded its construction and has had the manage-
lhe works since that time The company manu-
lour barrel, tierce and syrup barrel stock and
rom 35 to 70 men at various seasons of the year.
operates two saws which have a cutting capacity
)0,000 staves in 24 hours, or stock for about
rels daily. The investment for stock the past
as about $20,000, and about $2,200 per month
buted in wages.- Mr. Hartel, the manager, has
Ih the company 12 years, and     has been
t of Rice Lake since 1885. He has been
r of the board of education three years and
of the same the past year. The business
he conpany is in charge of George McClusky,
een connected with the firm since January,
Lter ]EIuA anel Spoke Company.
ompany was incorporated   in 1886; capital
Peter Reuter, president and treasurer; Henry
seretary. The works are located on Renter
-'est side, and are in charge of A. L. Reuter,
ndent, with  Henry Wilz, foreman. They
ure hubs and spkes exclusively and give
ent to an average of 45 men. The company
ut 3,200 acres of excellent farming lands in
Barron county, as fine as can be found in Northern
Wisconsin, which they offer to home-seekers at from $3
to $7 per acre. The lands are within three to 10 miles
of Rice Lake, and one-half to three miles from Haugen,
have some timber and soil of excellent quality. Cor-
respondence is invited.
Rice Lake City 13reWery,
Jacob Dick, proprietor, has been in successful opera-
tion for 20 years. Mr. Dick was a partner in the busi-
ness a few years ago, and last November he purchased
the entire business. Is a practical brewer and super-
intends the making of beer personally, producing a pure
malt and hop high grade beer, the sale- of which is
greatly increasing, both in the city and towns around
here; wherever it is tried it becomes popular. The
brewery is located on Allen street, south side, and has a
capacity of about 9,000 barrels annually. A bottling
establishment will soon be added, and other facilities
will be greatly improved and increased. Mr. Dick was
born at Golden Lake, Jefferson county, Wis.. and has
been a brewer for eight years.
l3eyrar's    I3rewery,
Frederick Beyrar, proprietor, is located on Cumberland
road, one mile northwest of city. This brewery was
conducted by Scharbillig Bros. & Co., from February,
1895, until March, 1897, since which Mr. Beyrar has
conducted it alone. Mr. Beyrar was born at Witten-

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