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Haines, C. J.; Dean E. G. (ed.) / Rice Lake, Wisconsin

[Rice Lake, Wisconsin businesses],   pp. 16-24

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iiiiiiii~i i:';!i ;..   .  ." ../  . .........  ..
Sy, came to America in 185, and entered           at Nashville, Iowa, and went to New York State when a
the company. Has been fhee    ur years.       a child and remained until four and it half years ago,
Lclerk in grocery department is a             when he came here and entered the employ of the com-
v       a   came to America in 1S&7. He       pany. He attended University two years before coming
s  t years at Reads Landing, Minn., and then  here.
e  hthe employ of the company.                 West, C. E., manager of the hardware department, was
Hve been appreciated and thefore he re-       born at Plymouth, Wis, taught school four years at Cedar
A picture of his residence appears in         Falls, Wis., and nine years ago entered employ of this
thi b        -company at Menomonie and a little later came here. He is
J. W., manager of the merchandising de-       city superintendent of schools and clerk of the school
partmnt, abrn at Washington, Pa., and came west   board, and also assistant chief of the fire department.
ng at Ft. Madison, Iowa, where he re-                                +
m  1 yer andt the entered the employ of this                   +
C i ant located at Chetek, remaining 10 years, and
then c e he aice Lake, al as                                     M e    omoonle Ra
Pforeman of carpenter shop, was                      roa     Copainy,
bor inNoway cme to America in 1880, locating in
thi ciy, nd nteingth employ of the company. He   Organized ini 1893, and constructed the railroad from Rice
ba benaleranfour years.                           Lake to Cameron, where it connects with aill passenger
a uperintdent flouring mill, was born   trains on the Soo road.  It is the intention of the con-
to America in 1852. He has been       pany in the inear future to extend to M nomonie on the
nsin   I57, and with this conpay    south and to Hayward on th north, lines having already
snever seeking any office  e has     been surveyed. This is a Rice Lake institution, and was
c ser   as mayor,. member and presi-  constructed to benefit this town. The officers at present
dent f th schol bardare: George Fuller, president; J. E. Horsman, secre-
Spooer,  iss  ele  clrk in dry goods departm-ent,  tary;, M. P. Barry, general manager; H. E. Clark, chief
was ornat  looerhas resided here three years and  engineer. The offices and depot are located on south
in te stre ne yarside, but it is intended in the near future to build a new
Waton T F, hndbookkeeper, was born in Goodhue   and larger depot and office buildings on the north side.
couny, Mnn.,Marh, 1859, has been with the corn-  The company's facilities for handling traffic are excep-
pany16 ear an a esidnt eve yers.tioually good and they are receiving a good business.
Webter W.E.,clek n gocey dparmet, was born  The Western Express company operates onl this lie.

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