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Haines, C. J.; Dean E. G. (ed.) / Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Public schools,   p. 10

Rice Lake Public Library,   p. 10

Rice Lake City Band,   pp. 10-12

Page 10

Publc 5ckbools.                        Everts, J. W. Rogers, C. Overby, C. E. West, secretary
Tin th                                    public     and city superintendent.
hestan     dof e     once attaned         pThe teachers at present employed are: Prof. E. C.
sos of a city in a large measure indicates the inter-  McClelland, principal; Lilian J. Sterrett, Jesse P. Soper,
est maintained in the pper development and culture     P. A. Rockwell, Minnie Stavrum, Mrs. Lizze B. Me-
of the youth of such place. Educational interests      Court, Ida Nelson, Amanda Thorsen, J. M. Gates, Iva
through the public schools of Rice Lake. are receiving  Feight, Louise Gunderson, Johanna Iverson, Jessie
more and better attention each year, and few cities of  Leach, Ida Boll.
its size afford better opportunites to the rising genera-                     + +
tion. Four lag   uilings are taxed to accommodate                          + + +
th pi,        during the past yafith onehas     en              ice   Lake   Public    Library
poraily sed until better quarters could be obtained.                the    c  April 3 1897  This librar is
T e  od  tei cosiss o tweve  rads o yers, sustained by a 1-mnill tax levied by the citv. There are
th  atfour ofwhich comprise the high school course.
^     ff%- *i  . . '           at present 425 volumes. which are being adlded to as rap-
Te high school off ers two courses of study: the general  atpeet45vlms&hchaebigaddt               srp
sn      o      i    wo yes to the stdy of E   lish    idly as the tax levy is turned over to the trustees. In
connection with the library is a free reading room, where
he  study of English in various frms .      ..can be found nearly all the periodicals of the day.
:   reures te servi  of  two instructorsr   Daily papers are not kept. because the library is only
areadmittei to the junior year of" th'  open Wednesdays and Saturdays, afternoon and even-
....Th               enrollit in the high school      ing. A number of the citizens have donated books to
se   ty p     during the past year, and the    the library, which is a pride and pleasure to the city.
eprospect that the enrollment                         The trustees are: F. T. Watson, president; James Rob-
in                                                bins, seer tary; G. H. Blystone, treasurer; Dr. 0. M.
hilh scaoo there                                      Sattre, J. E. Horsman, M. P. Barry, W. H. Bundy and
, te gth                g                           0. H. Ingram, Jr. Miss Corinne Howard is librarian.
en the four buildings and the attend-
anenumbers60 pupils. The efforts of Prof. E. C.                            + +++
ucllad  rniai raising the standard of excel-                            +
been fittingly acknowledged                                    Rice Lake City        San&.
emet               he ensuing year.                   This organization was perfected and known for some
Toon is composed of the following                   years as the Columbia Cornet Band, taking that name
lmen: E. artel, president; J. E.                         the year it was organized, 1892, being the Colum-

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