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Haines, C. J.; Dean E. G. (ed.) / Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Societies,   pp. 6-8

Fire department,   pp. 8-[9]

Page 8

i       an    3d  mnday evenings. E. K. Brayton                      Fire Department.
catiU . M. Whittaker, secretary.
R     LAKE LODGE No. W0 K. of P.- M      ts ever-      P  haps in no vocation during times of peae are men
t                 A. M. enton, C. C., Dr. AV. 1.      call  uon to exercise more physical couage obravery
Dunn     ,  I. and S.                                than devolves upon the inembre of a city's fire epart-
,:  K. f . and                                     int at sueh critical p nods as are experienced by every
DCIT        LODG   No. 7, .   . ). W.-Meet 2d      community (t one time or another when the fiery
4┬▒  ay  ni  .   ee     nde   nM.    o; cm nt. with grim terror, threatens the dtestruction of
E. W            tary.                                  both life and property. Rice Lake is fortuna   in
M. W. HLER P      T No. Ii6, G. A. R.-Me s 2(1       having a w,1 equipped and cpIable volunteer fire
d4th Wedn         evenings. G. C. Soper, Com.; E.     d1partIent. It numbers forty members, and much
Bast                                                   i nterest is taken in the work. There is a central station,
N.  W     HELT  :   CORP;-, NO. 109, W. R. C.-Meets  and a hos housein the Fourth ward, toaccommodate the
Sand last          ...afteroons. Ms . Geor  Feight,    apparatus", which consists of one stean fire engine, a
presient Mrs.J. S     ,         ,                      hook and ladder truck and three hose carts with ample
RICE LAKE    ENT No. 72 K. 0. T. M-Nlets Ist         hose. Excelilent pressure is furnished by the water
S      Fgs. C               . Joes, Con.; Dr. B. N.    works of the city, and fire hydrants are so place( as to
W      r        R. Kinsure protction to nearly every part of the city. The
CLAK CAMP NO. 125S, M. W. A.--mMets (very             eimb rship of the department┬░ is as follows: J. F.
y ev     . foln L. Bull, V. C.; F  W. Gia,       Hnnich, chief; C. E. West, assistant chie; E. F.
cek           I                                        S  if, ecretiry A. A. Gabriel, treasurer; D. P. Hoag,
RICE L   E B    C   N  9. .e Socknes, Paul Fournier. A. Dibdahl, John                           mand-
:           U No    !, C   OI K:     i ' H3     son, W. G. Aing 1, 0. Robarge, E. Schultz, C. Tremper,
i;     sI-Meets 3d Sundays. A. Byer. president         0. E. King. August Dodge, T. B. Mitchell, A. W. Bailey,
Fd. Demers, s-retary; Nick Ludwig, treasurer,         Tom Kndson. Guy Calhoun, Otto Gobler, A. Ver-
I     NDENT SCANDINAVIAN WOiuKNSos Associ-          hooven. Th  . Hayes, C. Lambert, C. Dahil, H. Jarvis, J.
ATTON-Meets every other Friday evening. Tohn Tand-     McNally, K. Larson, John Dorfner, Otto Witwer, J.
h    pr   ent; Louis Slither, secretary; N(el Larson,  DMa, August Johns n. Louis Scheid, Fred Robarge,
s                                                     O. Rogstad, Burt Clyde," E. Falstad, C. Summereorn,
R  LAKE Loixx No 140. I. 0. G. T-Meets every      Wm. Peirson, C. Saile, E. Ja-obson. Regnlr meetings
Win            .   . J. Ry ndie   C. T.; Gorg       held at central station first \Vdesday eveing of each
P  im. onth.

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