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Haines, C. J.; Dean E. G. (ed.) / Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Church organizations,   pp. 4-6

Societies,   pp. 6-8

Page 6

ers at C       r Lake and missions at Long Lake and    which is conducted by the sisters of St. Francis from
SManitowc county, Rev. von Droste served the church
Ri   LAKE M. E.    m   ii was organizd il I1        from July, 1894, to October, 1895: and was followed by
Th  oity has a nea lt h  h andI parsonag onl Doug-  thi pres. nt pastor, Rev. A. Hopdegardl. The, latte~r was
las sretthe church having b n built inl 1884, anld  born inl Rouen, Normandy, and has res'ided in America
parongein1895. Usiil servic sare id. Member-    slit)ce 18 )92.
bu, 1        : d   sh    averages  75. There is a    SWEDsH AvLTANA society hold- regular service on
the                                                    Side, and is contemplating the erection of a
m   o        tio   a y     nine miles       e           hur h in the n  faiure  The presen   por resides
evey  ucsla evnigRev. W. P). Burrows, pastor,   fiic    l 11  L wake tr  h    rsetpso
wasappintd t ths carge in the fall of 1896. He    atSilLke++
I~i on St Lawro  c ootnty, N. Y.- attended thle+++
acdey  t Cntn     N. Y., anld th  University at
i. In 1              Pn ered the ministry, spent                     Societles.
t HErl y, Wis.. ad latr was pastor at              PEKEvA A CHAPTER No. 67, R. A. M-Meets 1st and
Corlad,1U. During fte latter pastorate hi took a
tat Garrett Biblica              Institute of    3d Saturday evenings. Mark Eubanks, H. P.; Ernest
EvaistnIll, gadatig inl 1895 ,and has laken one( year  Hartel, se(-r tary.
post gaduatework.RICE LAKE LODGE No. 234. A. F. &. A. M.- Meets 2d1
and 4th Sat rday evenings. Eeneezer Bassett, W. M.-
S.J uEP's EONIAN CATHOLIC ( HURtUI wa organized    W. E. Webs tr, secretary.
, s  nisin ofOur Lady of Lourdes Stanfold by Rev.     NtlZPAH CHAPTER No. 65, 0., E. S.-Meets 1st and 3d
18 tole hi str tu             being the first   Thursday eveninis. Chas. E. West, W. P.; Mrs. Abbie
,t y. The first ridt pastor was                 McClench. W.M.; Mrs. A. B. Bailey, secretary.
Rev. M.     ......remainedeight mnouths. The      RICE LAKE LODGE NO. 16S, I. 0. 0. F.-.Meets every
a  mu.  atil uly4 189, h uRv.   aturdav evening. C. H. Jones, N. G.; F. W. Gass,
P.,, h   same year a parsonagT   II w s  "C-a
ec . 1 S  piha hoo wi built. Al the         y.      ..
awell                 .aad lighted, and           HIAWATHA LODGE -NO. 175, D. of R., 1. 0. 0. F.-
. .   k   A      .....gni  nt . al   r   . .  M eets  st  and  3r  M onday  evenings.  Mrs. Rosa  Stiltz,
pldin the curc      in  IS93. and the choreh       N. G.-. Miss Mabel Hlong, secretary.
,is val   a about 820W). The conegregation        MONTANIS COMPANY No. 32, U. R., K, of P.-Meets
140    amiie        pupils attend the shool.    for dill every Monday evening: regular business meet-

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