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Haines, C. J.; Dean E. G. (ed.) / Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Rice Lake, Wisconsin,   pp. [1]-[3]

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isoa mi         nationality- all the best and    n the county are found hemlock. oak, maple, cherry,
mes of their country - who                     bas. ood, ash, walnut, hickory, b ech, sycamore, birch,
a   provded themselves with good churches,     pine etc. in large quantities, and it will be seen that
ao.d many benevolent and s  l organizations.   the t~mber mentioned includes all kinds entering into
in brief, is Rice Lake, a ity destined ,bynature  the manufacture of any article. The advantag's here
by the        of enterprising me i,   hcoin  offered to manufacturecrs cannot be questioned.
of   foremost in this section f  th state.         The country adjacent to this city contains valuable
uty of Barron has an agreeably div rsified        formations of pipestone, a building material of merit;
in  eve azd rllig lnds  Itis  ateed )3. also limestone, sandstone and granite. Clay is also
ns            the Red Cedar and the Vermillion    found of a quality suitable for brick-making purposes.
r in the e   rn par and the Hay river in the west-  The officials governing the city at present are as fol-
ern  Te atertwo empjty into the Red Cedar. The   lows:
prnialae of the county areBeaver. Little Chetek,   Mayor- Dr. T. A. Charron.
e         R    ear and Long lakes. Long and        City Clerk-Dr. W. H. Dunn.
4   Cear akesarebth beautiful bodies )fwater, and are,     Attorney-C. A. Stark.
in  act beomng  opuaras su~mmer resorts. Aside    Treasurer-WN. A. Deniers.
es ment one                      e county has      Assessor-F. R. Conn.
Screeks all abounding                              Street Commissioner-S. S. Morrison.
in ain,, is. Te Rd Cda, so to speak, drains the  Health Officer--Dr. B. N. Webster.
entre  outyan  fomsan almost unlimited water     Physician-Dr. 0. M. Sattre.
i   poervalabl fo manfacurig prpoes.Polfce-F. W. Conn. John Pedersen.
in agri ulture, timber, geologChief of Fire Department-J. F. Henrich.
iclec. aemos  t lae. A large percentage of the    Aldermen-
lans i th  cunt hav b ,n covered at one, time or      First Ward 1-F. C. Deery, John Signor.
h            th  hard or pine, and as this has    Second Ward-Jonas    anhein, 0. E. Wagnild.
givn aay o  h lmbermnan. the farmer hans followei    Third Ward-Ph illip Jacobs, G. A. Raynor.
r, and the          unty now has some        Fourth Ward-Edward Smith, John Tandberg.
oprodn ive farms in the sate.              Ther are numerous mafnuacturing institutions, all in
Ta           king are very fertile and   a highly prosperous condition and employing large
aall th          cereals known to this   numbers of laborers, a short description of each of
...                                      whic appears elsewhere in this book.

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