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Haines, C. J.; Dean E. G. (ed.) / Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Rice Lake, Wisconsin,   pp. [1]-[3]

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THE nature of this work makes it impOssible to give   1882 the C., St. P.. M. & 0. railway was bul
more than a brief sketch of the early history of thc  here .nd the Barron County Bank was esta
town. It is our design to show this pros; crone   1887 the city was incorpoted, I 1880   o
young city just as it is without exaggeration or detrac-  of the eitv was 479 souls; in 1890, 2
tion. In writing of the manufacturing industries we   of 1895 gave it 3,162. We do not thik we
have endeavored to state only the facts without embell-  in saying the present populaon is 3.
ishment. In mentioning the various business and pro-    Rice Lake is the largest cty in
fessioual men. to give only a bare sketch has heen our  its population is more than the
intent.                                               two cities in th county. It
Of the very early history of this place we have but  of the C., St. P, NJ. & 0. railway, whic  a
little information. Luubr prosp~ectors were through  great Northwestern system.  ts site isa
here in the ' )Os, It was in 1858 that T. B. Wilson and  an which is bondeon th east  Re
James Bracklin visited this section in search of pne.  tiful sheet of water(thre and  hal
The place was then an Indian village with a population  aid three-fourths of a
of about 5,(0 dusky aborigines and the home of the   by the Red Cedar river,
head chief of the Superior Chippewas. A white man     and south sides. It isw
was to the Indians in those days quit( a curioisity; In  and laid at right angles.Mansreistoado-
1864 logging operations were begur in this'vicinity.  hlif miles in length and 100  w
In 1874 the town was platted by the Knapp, Stout &    the city to e vy   h i
Co. company, and in the sa e year flour and saw mills  due to the natura           i
were erected. The first school house was built in 1874,  the Red Cedar river and
and the first church was organized in 1875. The first  carried into the Red   . w
newspaper, the Chronotype, was started in 1874. In    1a   it onward to   e

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