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Terrill, John M. / Ladysmith lore: a photo album

[Photo album],   pp. 3-64 ff.

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1986 marked the 65th anniversary of Clark Auto in Ladysmith. The firm was started in 1921 by R. J. Clark. In addition to the Buick showroom and
garage on the comer of Worden Avenue and First Street, above, Clark owned a garage and filling station on Lake Avenue near E. Second Street and
in later years a filling station at the intersection of U.S. 8 and Wis. 27. R. J. Clark's son, Frank, ran the business for many years, and now it is over-
seen by Steve Clark, the third generation owner. The house at right is the old R. J. Sands' house, which later became the office of Dr. L. M. Lund-
mark. The building north of Clark's, pictured at left, is the City Laundry operated by Yep Wing.
An Adjustable Steering Column
to Suit Your Convenience
Buick for 1928 is extremely thoughtful of feminine com-
fort. One indication of this consideration is Buick's new
steering column, which may be adjusted to the most com.
fortoble position for women, as well as men.
And in addition, Buick for 1928 has a new steering wheel
-dender to fit feminine fingers-yet deep and solid to
provide the firm grip men demand.
Buick for 1928 pleases women because it is easier to drive
-hecaume it is more comfortable to ride in-and because
it is the acknowledged style.leader among motor cars.
'That's why you see so many Iluicks at fashionable gather-
ings and on the smartest boulevards.
nh-h.. / G-1 ,M-.C-qp-oei-
R. J. Clark Auto Co.
Many New Features
Emphasize Extra Quality
In the Latest Series
oD                 Hupmobile Six
BROUM                Until you see and drive the new series Hupmobile Six Sedan. you
con have only a faint conception of the new beauty, style, rich
equipment'and refined mechanical qualities now offered in a Sin
listing at $1385. We have charted below a few of the many
$13     85          modem features-added without increase in cost-that make this
Six unquestlonably the closest-priced six in America-and easily
f.b Der.b t, Pis  recognized as offering more quality per dollar of psrchase prim
R__s T-.         than any other six on the market.
You may safely use the new and finer
Hupmobile Six Sedan as a guide In
measuring the qualities of
any car you plan to buy. Here Is truly
modem, closed car beauty, comffort
and luxury, not merely abreast but
actually ahead, in many instances,
of current design in moderate-priced
six-Cylinder cam.
Inspect the Hupmoblle Six and you
cannot fail to observe the extra
quality-In design, finish and colorl
in rich appointments; In wealth of
high grade accessory equipment.
Ride in this Six - get behind the
wheel and feel the extra qualiy In
the car's amazing smoothness, agility
and overflowing test and "go".
Crandell's Garage

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