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Curtiss-Wedge, F.; Jones, Geo. O. (ed.) / History of Dunn County, Wisconsin

Chapter XVIII: City churches and parishes,   pp. 146-163

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1864, but nothing is known of its activities during the first four years. The exist-
ing records begin with the date of Oct. 19, 1863, when the First -Quarterly Confer-
ence was held in the home of John Quirling (now spelled Quilling) in the town of
Spring Brook. At that time, when a formal organization seems to have taken
place, John Quirling, Nicholas Kock and Ernest Bublitz are mentioned as the
first trustees, and Rev. Friedrich as district superintendent or presiding elder.
The Rev. Adam Mueller was pastor. In the following year a church edifice was
erected at the comer of Sixth Avenue and Second Street West-the location now
occupied by the Menomonie Welding Works-and a parsonage built the same year
south of the church. During the pastorate of the Rev. William Hildebrandt
(1872-1875) the parsonage and lot were sold and the church moved to the present
location, comer of Tenth Avenue and Eighth Street (at that time Sixth Avenue
and Spruce Street), a new parsonage being built on the south side of the church.
In 1878. in the pastorate of the Rev. Daniel Pfaff, the old church was torn down
and the present one built, which seats about 200 people. In 1897 the parsonage
was sold and the present one built at 1002 Ninth Street. The list of pastors who
have served this congregation is as follows: Rev. Adam Mueller, October, 1867 to
September, 1870; Rev. Henry Singenstrue, September, 1870 to October, 1872;
Rev. William Hildebrandt, October, 1872 to October, 1875; Rev. Charles Schoen-
heider, Sr., October, 1875 to October, 1877; Rev. Daniel Pfaff, October, 1877 to
October, 1880; Rev. William Pomerenke, October, 1880, to October, 1882; Rev.
John Nieppold, September, 1882 to September, 1883; Rev. Christian Nachtrieb,
September, 1883 to October, 1886; Rev. August Biebighaeuser, October, 1886 to
October, 1891; Rev. George Goess, October, 1891 to October, 1896; Rev. F. J.
Wiegand, October, 1896 to October, 1900; Rev. C. A. Borchardt, October, 1900 to
October, 1906; Rev. William E. Baumgarten, October, 1906 to October, 1910;
Rev. Carl Krueger, October, 1910 to September, 1913; Rev. Friedrich Brinkmann,
September, 1913 to January, 1920; (The Rev. Mr. Brinkmann having died while
pastor here, E. W. Gehrke, a local preacher, served the congregation until October,
1920); Rev. John F. Steiner, October, 1920 to Octover, 1922; Rev. Henry Potthoff
served one year, 1922-1923; Rev. F. C. Schulz, from September, 1923 to the present
time. The church was at its highest point of membership and activity during the
pastorate of the Rev. A. Biebighaeuser. During the Rev. C. A. Borchardt's time
there was an Epworth League of 28 members. The Rev. F. J. Wiegand started a
mission in the town of Spring Brook; and while Rev. William E. Baumgarten was
pastor a church was built there (about two miles southeast of the village of Elk
Mound), which is served by the pastor of the Menomonie church. About eight
families belong to this rural congregation, and a Sunday school and Ladies' Aid
Society are maintained. The combined membership of the two churches is about
85; that of the two Sunday schools, 53. The Menomonie church has a Ladies' Aid
Society of 22 members. the relatively small Sunday school in Menomonie, which
numbers but 19 or 20, and the abandonment of the Epworth League, are due to
several causes; one being that many of the young people of the church have left
the city to seek employment elsewhere, while others prefer to attend services con-
ducted in the English language;-also to war conditions, and to the merging of the
Northern German Conference with the English Conference. From 1880 to 1886
the Menomonie pastors also preached at Deer Park; and also in former years two
other small missions were served from the Menomonie church, one of which was
in the Lierman settlement in the town of Lucas, about seven miles from Menomonie.
Neither had a church building.
First Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Menomonie.--The first service
by a Norwegian Lutheran pastor in Menomonie was held in 1859 by Prof. Dr.
Laur. Larsen, who was at that time preacher at Rush River, Pierce County, Wis.
Regular services were held first in 1867 by Rev. K. Thorstensen, at that time pas-
tor for Froen, Little Elk Creek and adjoining congregations. Existing records
show that seven services were held in Menomonie in 1867. After service in a
schoolhouse on the west side of Red Cedar River on Oct. 27, that year, the ques-
tion of effecting a regular organization in Menomonie was discussed but was not

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