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Curtiss-Wedge, F.; Jones, Geo. O. (ed.) / History of Dunn County, Wisconsin

Chapter XVII: military record,   pp. 134-145

Page 144

man, Mrs. 0. E. Losness. Blair Moor, June 11, 1918; chairman, Mrs. R. D. Rob-
bertson. Boyceville, Sept. 11, 1917; chairman, Mrs. William Clough. Cedar
Falls, May 17, 1918; chairman, Mrs. Frank Wilkinson. Chippewa Bottoms, June
6, 1918; chairman, Mrs. A. L. Knutson. Colfax, June 5, 1917; chairman, Mrs.
George T. Vorland; Connorsville, May 16, 1918; chairman, Mrs. Benjamin Clough.
Damon Ridge, Aug. 29, 1918; chairman, Mrs. Sanford Baum. Downing, July 12,
1917; chairman, Mrs. Harris Pratt. Downsville, Jan. 5, 1918; chairman, Mrs.
Mary Flick. Dunnville-Waubeck, Jan. 3, 1918; chairman, Mrs. A. N. Abbott.
Eau Galle .............; chairman, Mrs. George Topliss. Elk Mound, Aug. 11,
1917; chairman, Mrs. George Mars. Fall City, Oct. 17, 1917; chairman, Mrs.
Albert F. Klatt. Finstad Valley,..............; chairman, Mrs. H. Mattison.
Grant, May 30, 1918; chairman, Mrs. Frank Fischer. Knapp, . ..........;
chairman, Mrs. William Robinson. Lambs Creek,.............; chairman, Mrs.
0. T. Thompson. Little Otter Creek, June 13, 1918; chairman, Mrs. Fred Palmer.
Louisville, Jan. 10, 1918; chairman, Miss Leola Norgard. Lucas, Jan. 16, 1918;
chairman, Mrs. Walter Hughes. Maple Ridge, Aug. 9, 1918; chairman, Mrs.
Wallace iKunz. Meridean, May 24, 1918; chairman, Miss Agni-) Fossum. North
Hay Creek, May 21, 1918; chairman, Nettie J. Eide. Ridgeland,.............;
chairman, Mrs. M. L. Randall. Rock Creek, ...........; chairman, Mrs. Mary
Melrose. Sand Creek, Aug. 24, 1918; chairman, Mrs. Robert Worman. Spring
Brook, June 21, 1917; chairman, Mrs. Edna Tiffts. Twin Hills, March 12, 1918;
chairman, Agnes Tietz. Vanceburg, Sept. 6, 1917; chairman, Mrs. L. G. Richards.
Washburn Farm, Aug. 13, 1918; chairman, Alvena Anderson. Weston, Jan. 29,
1918; chairman, Mrs. William Branshaw. Wheeler, June 20, 1917; chairman, Mrs.
Charles Sahlie.
There were also three unorganized auxiliaries, namely: Hatchville, North
Menomonie, and Rusk, presided over respectively by Mrs. George Hovlid, Mrs.
J. C. Jacobson and Mrs. F. R Ross.
During the period of the war 151 boxes of completed work were shipped from
the Dunn County Chapter, comprising 83,960 articles, of which 68,275 were sur-
gical dressings, 6,927 knitted articles, 6,483 hospital garments, and 2,306 refugee
Two consignments of used clothing were collected and shipped for Belgian
relief, weighing 7,198 pounds and 7,069 pounds respectively.
The total collections made up to Jan. 1, 1919, totaled $58,542.18, in which
amount is included the First War Fund Drive of $6,764.27, turned over entire to
the National Chapter. This total also includes $11,898 from memberships, $4,500
from the Red Cross Fair, $9,861.32 from the monthly donations of the City and
County Support Clubs, organized under the direction of James F. Wilson to supply
the necessary operating funds for the production of work the Dunn County Chapter.
The work rooms were first on the upper floor of the Wilson Land & Lumber
Co.'s building, then the entire cottage next to this building was occupied, and
finally removal was made to a large suite of i'ooms n*a Stout Institute; the uses of
all of which places were donated to the chapter. The faithful workers who gave
so freely of their time and labor to the Dunn County Red Cross accomplishments
are legion.
The Red Cross were asked by the mayor to conduct a hospital during the in-
fluenza epidemic in 1918, because the city hospital could not take care of contagious
cases. The hospital was maintained at 409 Wilson Avenue under the personal
direction of James F. Wilson, with Red Cross members as volunteer nurses under
the supervision of Mrs. C. B. Stone. One hundred and twenty patients were cared
for, with no fatalities.
Following the war the Chapter has maintained an office and a full time secre-
tary for home service and information, and assistance with government claims for
Dunn County service men. The average number of men seeking such service
during this entire period, 1919-1925, has been 100 per month, with never dimin-
ishing regularity. There are 227 active disability cases on the Chapter files, and
over 2,000 service men.

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