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Curtiss-Wedge, F.; Jones, Geo. O. (ed.) / History of Dunn County, Wisconsin

Chapter XI: agriculture,   pp. 71-73

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ford and Brown Swiss. There are three county dairy breeders' associations-
Holstein, Guernsey and Jersey. The high quality and high production of the dairy
cows of Dunn County has been demonstrated at the National Dairy Show. Cows
from Dunn County won first in the grade Guernsey class of the Cow Testing
Association work. In calf club work Dunn County made among the largest number
of winning points. The county also ranks first in the number of silos and first in
corn production among the ten counties in Western Wisconsin. It is also first in
potato production. It ranks among the first in the northern part of the state in
the amount of hogs and corn and corn products. Due to the splendid climate,
warm soil, and favorable weather conditions, corn grows, matures, and yields much
better than in some of the counties farther to the east and south. Because of the
abundant growth of corn many hogs are produced, the leading breeds of which are
the Duroc-Jersey, Poland-China, Chester-White, Berkshire and Hampshire. Sheep
do very well in the vicinity of Menomonie, as the soils are well drained and afford
good grazing. Shropshire, Southdown, Hampshire and Oxfords are the leading breeds.
While there has been a constant and consistent rise in the value of farm land
abciit Menomonie, the community is fortunate in thai it has --,perienced no artificial
inflation such as has characterized in some sections the period following the war.
Consequently the lands are not over-encumbered and there is room ahead for a
healthy development without a set-back. Official records show that Dunn County
has surpassed in material progress the average county of the state. This is proved
by the actual value of the land, which in 1911 was S34.25 an acre, in 1921, 892.50
per acre. In 1921 the average for the state was 883.00 an acre.
Fifty carloads of lime were spread on the soil in 1924. And over 1,000 acres
of alfalfa were sown. In the winter and spring of 1925 there were 100 cars of lime-
stone spread on the soil and over 2,000 acresof alfalfa sown.
With respect to the acres in cultivated crops, land area and number of farms,
according to the agricultural statistics for the years 1922 and 1923, Dunn County
ranks second among the ten counties of the West District (Buffalo, Dunn, Eau
Claire, Jackson, La Crosse, Monroe, Pepin, Pierce, St. Croix and Trempealeau),
being exceeded only by St. Croix County. The total crop acreage in Dunn County
was 204,507 acres; approximate land area, 556,160; the land in farms, 490,044;-
the number of farms (1923), 3,543; the number of farms owned and managed,
(1919 census), 3,126; number of farms rented (1919 census), 440.
Of the above mentioned counties in the West District, Dunn County stood
highest in total corn production, the amount being 1,199,750 bushels. It had the
largest area in corn, namely, 52,625 acres, but was slightly exceeded by four counties
in the yield per acre. It stood highest, however, in the farm value of the product,
$1,599,800. The acreage of corn for grain (1923), 28,367 acres-was the highest
in the West District, as also was the production, 1,077,946 bushels. With respect
to corn for silage, the vield per acre was 7.5 tons. The silage and fodder acreage
of the county was 24,2,58; the number of silos, 1,942, increase of 189 over the previ-
ous year (1922).
In the same year, 1923, Dunn County devoted 63,400 acres to the raising of oats,
producing 1,902,000 bushels, with a farm value of S817,860. The yield per acre
was 30 bushels, not a high average as compared with the other counties of the West
District, all of which exceeded that figure.
The amount of land sown to barley was 11,243 acres, with a yield of 30 bushels
to the acre, or a total of 337,290 bushels, having a farm value of S205,747. In this
crop the county ranked among the first as to yield per acre.
The statistics for rye for the same year show as follows: number of acres sown,
6,711; bushels produced, 100,665; farm value. 865,432.
Spring Wheat-Number of acres sown, 2,311; production, 41,598; yield per acre,
18 bushels; farm value, R40,766.
Winter wheat-Number of acres sown, 838; production, 13.408; yield per acre,
16 bushels; farm value, S13,140.
Buckwheat--Number of acres sown, 1,762;-production, 24,668 bushels; yield
per acre, 14 bushels; farm value, 521,594.

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