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City of Chippewa Falls

History of Chippewa Falls,   pp. [unnumbered]-39

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yond his fondest expectation. When we Caime to
the city there were but two weNekly papers pub-
lished tfhere-the Avalanche and the Herald. On
the 5th day of October, in the year 1875, we issued
the first niumber of the "Times," which wxe still
continue to publish and which has survivd many
ventures of a like kind. Chippewa County, which
had then within its boundaries nearly all the ter-
ritory now contained in the Counties of Barron,
Sawyer, Price and Taylor, had no towns or vil-
lages otsiile Chippewa Falls but the little Village
of Bloomer. All the rest of the country was wild
wood. Now that territory has many handsome
cities and villages, and is intersected with roads
and bridges in all directions. Twenty-five years
is a 1lng time in the life of an individual, and
often in the history of a country. Especially has
it been so in the history of Chippewa County.
Nobody that saw it then, could believe it to be
the same country which he looks on now. Nor
could anyone who did not see it then, be made to
believe that all the wonderful changes which have
come over it since could be the work of twenty-
five years ...
L. M. NmwMAx.                T. J. CUNNIINGIAM.
a man of education, but lid more than the ordi-
nary quantity of intelligence allotted to man. Al-
ways a backwoods man, he had the backwoods
manners and ways, but not of the blood-tirsty
kind. In 1856 ie was the only justice of the
pea'e in the county, and it was in this historic
house one of the most memorable justice cases was
ever tried.
Joseph King and Baldwin Seval had a lawsuit
about some corn. There was but one lawyer in
the county then, Andrew Gregg his name. King
employed him as his attorney. The ease came up
before 'Squire McCann. In those days everybody
attended a lawsuit, they were the only shows they
had, so several sleigh-loads started for the scene
of action, and incidentally to swap lies. On ar-
riving at the house, the kitchen was transformed
into a courtroom and the ltitchen table into the
judge's desk. The courtroom was pretty well filled
when the judge came in. He was attired in a blue
flannel shirt and overalls. Seating himself by his
desk lie threw his stockened feet upon it. He an-
nounced that court was open and for the gaffers
to "Uit Thar."
Seval, the plaintiff, opened the case and plead-
ed his cause personally. When through   '
King's attorney, rose and commenced to a
cause of his client. le had said but a fe
when Seval jumped up, rushed towards
hollered out: "What in h-l are you
your lip in this case for? Tain't none
d-   d business." A dispute arose as to t
of Gregg sticking his lip into other peo I
ness. Blue Tom, who was present and
high authority on law. was asked his o
the right of a lawyer to take sides in
The venerable Tom rose with great di      a
said "that he had read somewhere in B
that lawyers were permitted to appear
clients, but that he believed that llacks  a

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