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McLeod, Donald / History of Wiskonsan, from its first discovery to the present period, including a geological and topographical description of the territory with a correct catalogue of all its plants

Chapter XIII,   pp. 231-235 PDF (863.5 KB)

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scarcely have left it more seared and desolate. Sinapi
is a precious monument of the folly, rashness, and mad
spirit of adventure and speculation, which marked and
disgraced the year 1836, '37, and '38. That was an
era pregnant with disaster and ruin, with rank vice
and profligacy, with public and private demoralization;
and its pestilent influence has not yet ceased to taint
and pollute our moral and political atmosphere. The
infection of evil principles and example reaches far and
wide, and its fatal consequences are felt long after the
causes have ceased to operate. I think no calm ob-
server can look back to the period to which I have
alluded, without being satisfied that it has left a stamp
and an impress upon our institutions and character,
deeply disgraceful and deleterious. That it has left
traces in our hitherto untarnished national escutcheon,
deep, dark, and it is greatly to be feared, almost in-
   Cassville, is another post town on the Mississippi,
in this county, about twenty-five miles below the mouth
of the Wiskonsan, at the foot of a steep bluff, two
hundred feet high, and immediately below the mouth
of a small stream, and on a beautiful plain, fifteen feet
above the water level. The plain is four hundred
yards wide.
  Gibraltar, is three miles due north of Sinapi, laid
out on the south side of the Platte river, near its
mouth. it is a post town.
  Wingville, is a village. situate on the main ridge-road,
near the line betwean Grant county and Iowa, and
forty miles from Prairie du Chien, on the head of Blue
river. Lime stone is here found in abundance, and
also a stone suitable for building, and easily dressed.

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