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McLeod, Donald / History of Wiskonsan, from its first discovery to the present period, including a geological and topographical description of the territory with a correct catalogue of all its plants

Chapter XII,   pp. 214-231 PDF (3.0 MB)

Page 230

ameter is two miles. The water is clear and transpa-
rent, having a depth, varying from seven to ten feet,
except near the outlet, where there is a bar, over
which the water is but two feet deep. The shores
around this lake, with the exception of a few broken
bluffs and small marshes. are generally good. The
timber in this vicinity is scanty, and of inferior quality.
   The second lake is about three miles distant from
 the first. Its length is three and a half miles, and its
 breadth nearly two miles. The water is clear and
 pure, and along the boat track has a depth of nine -feet
 feet. On the north and east, the shore is marshy,
 with a low gravelly bank intervening between the
 marsh and the water's edge; on the southern and west-
 ern shores, the land is elevated, presenting high knolls
 and bluffs.
   The third lake is about half a mile distant from the
second, covers about six square miles of surface, and
is about three and a half miles long. Its waters are
transparent and about ten feet deep. Tbe banks are
high and undulating, bearing a scattered growth of bur
and white oak trees. Madison, the seat of govern-
ment, is located on the north shore of this lake, occu-
pying the strip of land between this and the fourth
  The fourth lake is the largest of the four. It has
a periphery of nineteen and one fourth miles, and
covers an area of fifteen and a fraction square miles.
Its longest diameter bears due east and west, and is
six miles in length; its transverse diameter is four
miles. The waters of this lake are cold and pure, and
of a depth sufficient for the purposes of small steam-

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