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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

Brooklyn,   pp. [241]-246 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 242

Hislory of Green County. 
spite of all he could do, all the sheep and most of the 
cattle died before spring. 
Among the next settlers were Chas. Sutherland, A. 
D. Kirkpatrick, Henry Montgomery (whose death the 
next year is thought to have been the first in the town- 
ship), and his sons Tracy and Cyrus A., who all came 
in I844. Prominent among the settlers of J845 were 
Jas. F. Eggleston, Stephen H. Ludlow, Jeremiah An- 
derson and his son Amos, Vm. R. Smith, sen., Wm. 
R. Smith., jun., Leroy Hudson, John Sawin, Monroe 
Carpenter, and Martin Flood. Most of these settlers 
were in the northern and eastern parts of the town. 
They went to mill and to market in Dane and Rock 
Counties much oftener than in Green, and when they 
were sick their hopes centered in Dr. Fox in Dane 
County. Many of them lived on Jug Prairie, a fertile 
prairie in Rock County and the eastern half of Brook- 
lyn, which derives its name from a remark of one of the 
first settlers who went one day to Rock County to 
trade. So many of his neighbors had sent by him for 
vinegar and molasses that by the time he reached his 
destination he had nearly a dozen jugs in his wagon. 
To a joke of the bystanders, as he drove up to the store, 
he replied, oh, yes, I come from jug prairie; and in spite of 
the effort of the good people on the prairie to change 
the name to temperance, the name jug has stuck ever 
While the prairie in the eastern part was filling up, 
another settlement was growing in the south-east cor- 
ner of the town, where in I843, Major Downer (so 

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