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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

Washington,   pp. [211]-215 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 212

212         Histoiy of Green County. 
was hauling flour from Galena to the garrison at Fort 
Winnebago once broke down near Mr. Pierce's, and 
finding he could not go on with the whole load, kindly 
sold Mr. Pierce two barrels at thirteen dollars a barrel. 
Mr. Noah Phelps, who helped survey Green County 
before the Black Hawk war, returning at the conclusion 
of his work to his home in New York state, wished to 
bring his family to Wisconsin in I837. He was nearly 
ready to start in May, when the banks suspended specie 
payment. As all his money was in bank notes, and as 
government land could be bought only with coin, he 
was obliged to wait. When specie payment was re- 
sumed the next May he was still ready to come, and in 
June, '38, he made the second home in the town of 
Washington. By IS42-'43, when the next settlers came 
to Washington, there were so many people in the county 
that residence in it was no longer presumptive proof of 
acquaintance with all its inhabitants. The settlers in 
the different parts of Washington seem to have had 
very little to do with each other, and it is now impossi- 
ble for any of them to give a chronological list of the 
first comers. Samuel Holloway, of Illinois, went to 
Washington in '45, before which time  - Wise, 
Vance, Franklin Pierce, J. S. Fessenden, Elias Wright, 
of Ohio, and      Kirkpatrick, of Pennsylvania, had 
made their claims. Elijah Roby, of Ohio, went in '46, 
and C. J. Simmons went in '47. Among the next set- 
tlers were Samuel 0. Allison, of Illinois; Hiram Bain, 
of New York; James Richards, of Indiana; John 
Perine, Barney Becker, Wm. Tucker, James Crouch, 

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