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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

History of Green County,   pp. [9]-64 PDF (10.7 MB)

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JHistoiy of Green Counly. 
Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Virginia. It is 
,difficult to ascertain the states of their nativity. A very 
large proportion of them came from Illinois, but they 
had gone there a few years before, when Eelinoise" 
was the boundary of the civilized world. The Indiana 
immigrants were, many of them, born in Ohio, and 
many who came from Ohio had spent their earlier years 
in Pennsylvania or Virginia. At this time hardly any 
,one came directly from New England, but some who 
were by birth the children of New England came from 
New York state.    The settlers of I835-6-7 endured 
privations of all kinds. The nearest markets were 
Mineral Point, Galena, and Fort Winnebago. The dif- 
ficulties of going to market were increased by the fact 
that the streams, which a few years later were shallow 
-enough to be forded, were now so deep that teams were 
obliged to swim across them, and the banks were so 
-steep that travelers carried shovels with which to cut 
them down. One might travel days at a time, in south- 
ern Wisconsin, without seeing a house, and dismal 
prophets had foretold that this state of things must con- 
tinue. A history of the Black Hawk war, published in 
1834 by J. A. Wakefield, after remarking that if the 
four lakes " were anywhere else except in the country 
they are, they would be considered among the wonders 
of the world," added this discouraging conclusion: " But 
the country they are situated in is not fit for any civilized 
nation of people to inhabit. It appears that the Almighty 
intended it for the children of the forest." Janesville 
was then in its infancy, and for two or three years Mr. 

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