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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

History of Green County,   pp. [9]-64 PDF (10.7 MB)

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History of Green County. 
the Asiatic cholera. Of 280 men commanded by one Col. 
Twiggs, it is said not twenty survived. Doubtless many 
were buried alive. At one time, writes one who was in 
Chicago while the troops were there, when several were 
placed beside the hole in which they were to be 
buried, one of the number moved, and asked for water. 
lie lived to rejoice in good health. 
After the war, immigration increased. To the new 
comers, as to the earliest settlers, those who had partici- 
pated in the war ever appeared as heroes. For years 
the one unfailing subject of conversation, the subject 
which never grew old and never was out of place, was 
the war. Every incident was told over and over again. 
There was a man named Bennett Million, who used to 
play the fiddle at the dances in Monroe. He, with a num- 
ber of others, had been surprised by the Indians, some- 
where near the Pecatonica, and chased by them. The 
fright made one of his companions insane, and several 
others were killed. Mr. Million saved himself by roll- 
ing in the mud until so covered by it that he could hide 
on the ground. His experience was interesting and ex- 
citing, and many a time, in later years, the gay company 
for whom he played bade him lay by the fiddle and the 
bow, and tell them his story of the war. 
Iowa County was partially surveyed before the war, 
much earlier than would have been necessary had not 
the lead mines brought it into notice. In 1835 the land 
was brought into market, and many settlers came to 
the county in '35-6.  Probably nine-tenths of those 
who came now or any time before i840 came from 

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