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History Community United Methodist Church

1980-1990 chronological history: Waterford Community United Methodist Church,   pp. 17-26

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qB     004S TOIR 
Com led by * Dorothy Bryant 
Hist, Chrn. 1984. 
1      Membership 155.   Budget $66,689.00. 
Jan. 17   Ladies Night Out - Cake Decorating with Bev Squire. 
Beginning of OSecret Pal" plan by 0MW. 
March 15 - Father-Son Banquet. 
Coupon refunding earned ?450 in 1979.  3500 pieces mailed.   Gertrude 
Garcia in charge. A morning circle project, 
Fob. 12 - Thir Annual Chili Sumper, Men in charge. Paul tixler, chmn 
Mo h 7   World Day of  ?rayer at Caldwell, 
April 15 - Ladies Night Out - Craft Demonstrations, 
May 5-10 - Bill Gotthard Institute at Milwaukee Auditorium, 
June 16-20   - Vacation Bible School,  Bill Sherman, 5.5. Supt. 
May 1$   Spring Rummage Sale. 
May 25- Titheing Sunday.    Give 1/10 of week's income* 
April 27' Surpre Birthday Party for Gertrade Garoia at Korman's. 
Old church pews to be sold for $75 each. 
Aug. 3   - hel~lent.  1.00 given to each meuber to use and to be 
returned with interest in six months.   ROD committee. 
Five-Day Clubs held for Child Evangelism. 
Sept, 15 - Fally photographs taken for a Pictorial Church Directory 
of Members. 
Nov. 1 -Holiday F~tr. 
Record giving to Missions in 19.79 -$10,600. 
jj/8j  152 members.   ?73,585.00 Budget. 
Feb. 19 - Ladies Night Out - "Nutritutionsl MeclsM with Marge Smith
of Gatcway Technical. 
March 21 - 0Spring Fltng - Be Sale end Craft Boutique for ROD Fund. 
Ma-rh 29    Proceeds of $1.00 TALENT placed on atar. 

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