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History Community United Methodist Church

1970-1980 chronological history: Waterford Community United Methodist Church,   pp. 12-16

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1224    189 mrimbers. $3?,384.00 budget.  Balance due on personage $3300.00.
Youth Felltwship meeting every Monday evening; Women's Prayer 
Group meeting every Thurs. A.M. at Ann Dirks resLdence; Adult 
Study Group meeting at Dirks' home on Friday evenings;   t e TWELVE 
group meetings monthly with Pastor Garcia at various homes. 
Beginning of a new Building Fund designated only for future building 
lectric Mimeograph and Fluoroscope Drawing Board for preparing 
stencils given by the Stephen Dirks family, 
Pastor Garcia begins Bible Study with Morning Circle, 
0MW Morning Circle begins coupon refunding program. 
May 3 - uage and Bake Sale 
May 5 - Ice Cream Social. 
Garcias take a trailer loaded with donated items to Red Bird Mission 
in E. Kentucky. 
June 17-21 - Vacation Bible School 
Sept. 15 - Church Picnic - Col. Heg Park, 
Oat. 13-18 - New Life Mission - Rev. Paul C. Frederick, pastor of 
Michelson Mem rial United Methodist Church, Grayling, Michigan. 
Sept. 8 - Baptism by Immersion at Richard Dustin College. 
Nov. 3 - Memorial services for departed members. (Died in 1974) 
Dec. 7 - Holiday Fair   (New name for Christmas Bazaar) 
jfl    March 11 -0MW program - Fashions and Fabrics. 
Good News Clubs - Children Evangelism. 
Sunday morning Pot Luck dinner and fellowhip - Once each month. 
Painting of parson age. 
June 16-20 =-Vacation Bible School. 
Oct. 19-23 - Crusade for Christ -Pastor Calvin W. Carey from 
Merrillan, Wisconsin. 
Telephone Chain formed to spread church news quickly. 
Baptism by Immersion for those who request it at Dust in cottage. 
Nov. 15   Holiday Fair - Beverly Sohoedel UMW president. 
Dec. 23   Christmas Cantata by Youth Choir under direction of Dr. 
and Mrs. George Buchal. Vocal eond instrumentad. 

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