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History Community United Methodist Church

Chronological history: Waterford Community United Methodist Church,   pp. 1-11

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iAT~;'oD C  {1IY U bII   W'MT '0:2E 7P2 
Comariled by: Ruth Alte, Til.t O.i. 
W,,.I t   t c, troed, !7 r K adby:* 
Dnr            ii' sry nt d st. cht n. 
I"52   Methotis used 0onure tinmntL Church on si.e of rrese t b t.rford
Firt reviw-i c"r: ztA by Rev. Pettibnre, r(0 nregtional Iins ter 
fro  Burlinv<to  Mnn.NM   mebers  er  td a    rel 
b ,nu- ndun t1 a h r. 1,s tI-yug 
For four ye. rs sxrvie  ere sbsn;ont unt*l Christ ..n v       oan 
nmedcj prhesneney owr             e to te. ..horIFed 
the  0ethoS tist SundaySchool in tha school .anl'.. invited i "'- friend
?e.       --. i Pnter to prec  cati'4y       .PiterY 
amooeto        rve Cr ltrrell a P, nd.vivaterford in 1369s Meetings were
held in the Gro.t home fir t, thwnein.  t n t rPCt A.A  .  4 ir 
.....t  n .rtI-th  brss ntof  e                 ,ongrcm t c   t i 
curo   ts~U 
1U~y n:Thermret 1igto rpafliztt I"   trr!           1tltons 
v1ou to t r, birtb of our 4etIbh t   ,rb j- tJ"o- ., 
1869     . Y, PAINTK?, Pastor,   e z,,s a 0ongz~ttonol mirAster froa East
-roy.   e      at.  t  Invitation of hI  friend_ Jo7° NoCheney, 
a.. te   ' .  in toe  ubc' school. - hIle here., he served bath W,terford
C-rcference w.s held in Janooville.  (3Tho     1* Clark) 
Two Lr' d ei e - ;ere snnt, 
18)  Women'ts Foreig'n tisi *cons  em ty  w  a     ee 
j87Q. $ABIN EHALSFY,               33tor(1870 1873}.  Born l84"z,3 
Retired, PtI 191,2 Died 19. 
Churrhon-iz      ober   1870. 
j~~2  ~Church members :.n zmtld..t....e..y...n ,f-cnc, rt r 
tianers, hore r ,z , clrcuan,s, or to hold O~ong parties.  This 
tcmrl tred  1r :.'-r  unttl  192,, 
1873.  I ,MV, GRIOWOL,, Pastor 
English church wan erected and 4ed~cat,&e December 28, 1873,  Revival
me etings were held 
187Z   John Wesley Cerhrt was p      As .ingl elderi n 1877. While pastor
Racine (1871-1874) he built the f.irst horseless carriage. Dower, 
by stea. 

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