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The history of Columbia County, Wisconsin, containing an account of its settlement, growth, development and resources; an extensive and minute sketch of its cities, towns and villages--their improvements, industries, manufactories, churches, schools and societies; its war record, biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers; the whole preceded by a history of Wisconsin, statistics of the state, and an abstract of its laws and constitution and of the constitution of the United States

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lived but a short distance from Mr. Low and who succeeded him as Postmaster,
then entertained
man and beast until 1856, when the stage line was discontinued and travel
thus cut off.' In
1852, a store was started at the corners, near the post office, by Dr. C.
Strong, and it was
thought a village would here eventually grow up. But th~ebright anticipations
of the Doctor and
land-holders thereabouts had not been realized, up to March, 1880.
     The early settlers were occasionally troubled with claim jumpers, and
the Claim Club was
brought into requisition more than once. At a very early day, one Devendorf
made a claim to
a certain quarter, remained on it for a time, and then left, no one knew
where. Being gone a
considerable length of time it was considered he had abandoned his claim,
and it was taken by
another party. In the course of time Mr. Devendorf returned, erected a shanty
on the claim
and proceeded to make himself at home.  He was ordered off by the Club, but
refused to go;
therefore one night he received a visit from a dozen men, and was taken out
to the marsh in a
state almost similar to that in which he came into the world, and as the
night was quite cool he
soon agreed to do the bidding of the Club.
     There are two post offices in the town-Lowville and Rocky Run. This
last office was
established in 1851, with J. F. Hand as Postmaster. He was succeeded by Ella
C. Curtiss, who
is the present incumbent.
     The following comprise the town officers from 1849 to 1880 inclusive:
     1849-Stephen Brayton, Chairman; S. P. Webb, James Hinman, Supervisors;
Page, Clerk; Clark M. Young, Treasurer; Jonathan Hibbard, Assessor; William
T. Bradley,
School Superintendent.
     1850-Oliver C. Howe, Chairman; John A. Bannon, John J. Lewis, Supervisors;
F.. Hand, Clerk; Silas W. Herring, Treasurer; Jacob Townsend, Assessor; Walter
A. North-
rup, School Superintendent.
     1851-F. C. Curtis, Chairman; J. A. Bannon, Henry Lane, Supervisors;
J. C. Jay,
Clerk; Samuel Dunn, Treasurer; 0. C. Howe, Assessor; C. M. Curtis, School
     1852-F. C. Curtis, Chairman; J. Brady, S. P. Webb, Supervisors; P. L.
Clerk; J. Gilbert, Treasurer; J. Townsend, Assessor; William C. Bonstel,
School Superin-
     1853-J. F. Hand, Chairman; Giles Easton, L. G. Folsom, Supervisors;
Samuel Dunn,
Clerk ; L. d4. Folsom, Treasurer; F. C. Curtis, Assessor; William C. Bonstel,
School Super-
     1854-F. C. Curtis, Chairman; Orin Rogers, Birdsell Wheeler, Supervisors;
Dunn, Clerk; Samuel Wheeler, Treasurer; William C. Bonstel, Assessor; William
C. Bonstel,
School Superintendent.
     1855-F. C. Curtis, Chairman; Birdsell Wheeler, 0. F. Rogers, Supervisors;
Dunn, Clerk; William C. Bonstel, Assessor and School Superintendent.
     1856-F. C. Curtis, Chairman; Michael Gallagher, Delos Bundy, Supervisors;
C. Bonstel, Clerk; N. W. Bennett, Treasurer; J. W. Curtis, Assessor; J. F.
Hand, School
     1857'-Samuel Dunn, Chairman; H. M. Delaney, R. Johnson, Supervisors;
F. S. Henry,
Clerk ; N. W. Bennett. Treasurer; F. C. Curtis, Assessor: J. F. Hand, School
     1858-Samuel Dunn, Chairman; Delos Bandy, H. M. Delaney, Supervisors;
F. S. Henry,
Clerk; S. R. Lane, Treasurer; F. C. Curtis, Assessor; J. 'F. Hand, School
     1859-J. F. Hand, Chairman; Ole Wilson, Birdsell Wheeler, Supervisors;
Samuel Dunn,
Clerk" H. Lane, Treasurer ; F. C. Curtis, Asse-sor; F. L. Henry, School
     1860-Delos Bundy, Chairman; William H. Young, Nelson Wilson, Supervisors;
D. C.
Strong, Clerk; W. W. Curtis, Treasurer; F. C. Curtis, Assessor; F. L. Henry,
School Super-
     1861-Delos Bundy, Chairman; H. Lane, 0. C. Scovell, Supervisors; D.
C. Strong,
Clerk; W. W. Curtis, Treasurer; F. C. Curtis, Assessor; M. T. Alverson, School

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