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The history of Columbia County, Wisconsin, containing an account of its settlement, growth, development and resources; an extensive and minute sketch of its cities, towns and villages--their improvements, industries, manufactories, churches, schools and societies; its war record, biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers; the whole preceded by a history of Wisconsin, statistics of the state, and an abstract of its laws and constitution and of the constitution of the United States

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No. 40, and was organized on the 12th of September, with D. F. Newcomb, Andrew
Benj. F. Hart, F. A. Fowler, J. J. Guppey, H. S. Haskell and Jerome B. Fargo
as charter
members. It prospered and grew in numbers until 1872, when it suspended operations.
     In 1869, Benjamin Kelsey, J. R. Jones, A. H. Vanvoorhes, C. H. Townley,
T. C.
 Charles, E. Richards and A. Miller applied for and received a charter for
Ridgley Lodge, No.
 165, but upon discovery that there already existed a lodge by that name
(No. 82), it became
 necessary to adopt a new title for the new lodge, and on the 8th of May
(the charter bears date
 of April 24, 1869) the word Gem, was substituted for Ridgley. The present
officers of Gem
 Lodge are: F. Wirth, N. G.: Samuel McLarty, V. G.; W. G. Bresee, Sec.; L.
Williams, P.
 S.; Robert Griffiths, Treas. The lodge has sixty-one members.
     lMizpah -Encampment, No. 61.-Organized May 6, 1875, with C. L. Dering
as C. P.;
Robert Griffiths, H. P.; F. W. Hart, Treas.; L. Williams, S. W.; C. S. McFadyen,
J. W.; and
L. E. Everson, Scribe. The present officers arie: W. K. Hosken, C. P.; C.
S. McFadyen, H-.
P.; R. Griffiths, S. W.; Benjamin Kelsey, J. W.; F. Wirth, Treas.; W. G.
Bresee, Scribe.
Number of members, twenty-three.
     Irene (Rebecca) Lodge, No. 59.-Chartered November 25, 1879, with the
following signa-
tory members: W. A. Thompson, T. B. Elmore, C. Thiese, W. J. Edwards, W.
K. Hosken, J.
F. Buschke, S. McLarty, W. G. Bresee, A. D. Brewer, R. Griffiths, H. Annis,
L. F. Owen, J. R.
Jones, J. R. Decker, L. E. Everson, G. McIntyre, C. S. McFadyen, M. G. Todd,
F. Wirth,,
and sisters Hosken, Griffiths, Bresee, Annis, Todd, Jones, Brewer, Thiese,
Elmore and Decker.
The present officers are: Samuel McLarty, N. G.; Mrs. H. M. Todd, V. G.;
W. G. Bresee,
Sec.; Mrs. W. K. Hosken, Treas.    Thirty-two members. Meetings are held
by the various
lodges over Bassett & Davis' store.
     The Masons-Columbus Lodge, No. 75.-Organized June 12, 1856, with the
charter members: F. Macauley Black, Edward Jussen, Silas Axtell, Peter Wentz,
S. C. Higby,
A. P. Birdsey, J. S. Manning, Benjamin Campbell, J. A. Elliott, B. F. Hart,
J. J. Smith, E.
E. Chapin, B. Chase, Robert Mills and J. H. Valentine.   Messrs. Black, Jussen
and Axtell
were the first officers. The present are M. Adams, W. M.; N. Sawyer, S. W.;
E. Churchill, J.
W.; J. A. Erhart, Treas.; B. E. Johnson, Sec.; 0. E. Cornwell, S. D.; L.
A. Randall, J. D.;
D. D. Kelsey, Tiler.  Meetings are held over Griswold's store, where the
lodge has a well-
appointed hall.
     The Good Templars.-As early as 1850, an organization known as the Sons
of Temperance
was effected in Columbus, and the work of reformation in this direction has
gone steadily for-
ward with slight variations of success. Among those who were prominently
connected with the
various temperance movements of early times, may be mentioned Chester W.
Dean,* W. W.
Drake, John H. Valentine, William McCracken,* R. W. Chadbourn, Samuel McLartv,
Loomis, A. D. Williams, Milford Loomis, D. F. Newcomb,* and others. Meetings
were then
held over Swarthout's drug store, where Hayden Brothers' place now is. The
ladies of the
village took an active part, and the society succeeded in gathering quite
an extensive library.
On one occasion the, lady members were allowed to vote on an important question,
and this
being a violation of the then existing condition of things, the Grand Lodge
of the Sons of
Temperance threatened a revocation of their charter and a confiscation of
the property belong-
ing to the liberal-minded cold-water champions of Columbus.' In order that
they might save
their library, the lodge surrendered their charter to the Grand Lodge and
went over to the
Good Templars in a body. About 1355, a grand temperance sleigh-ride was gotten
up. Three
or four "bobs" were lashed together with ropes, and eight horses
hitched to the concern.
Fifty-six persons took passage for ,Beaver Dam' in it. An hour and a half's
drive brought the
party to their destination, where a temperance dinner awaited them.
     On the 6th of February, 1874, Columbus Lodge, No. 46, I. 0. G. T., was
organized with
the following charter members:  E. D. Kanouse, E. G. Stitt, Rev. W. A. Cain,
L. Williams
and wife, R. Griffiths and wife, Walter Stitt, T. H. McConnell, Mrs. A. McConnell,
     * Dead.

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