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The history of Columbia County, Wisconsin, containing an account of its settlement, growth, development and resources; an extensive and minute sketch of its cities, towns and villages--their improvements, industries, manufactories, churches, schools and societies; its war record, biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers; the whole preceded by a history of Wisconsin, statistics of the state, and an abstract of its laws and constitution and of the constitution of the United States

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     In the mean time, the Congregationalists were "pursuing the even
tenor of their way."
The record of this church shows the names of the following Pastors: Rev.
C. E. Rosenkrans,
ten years; the Rev. T. C. Melvin, four years; the Rev. L. M. Gates, one year;
the Rev. A. L.
P. Loomis, one year; the Rev. E. P. Salmon, eighteen months; the Rev. M.
W. Reed, eighteen
months; the Rev. J. G. Schaeffer, nine months; the Rev. H. A. Miner, two
years and four
months. This brings the history of the church down to 1874, when we find
a proposition from
the Presbyterians, dated early in September of that year, looking toward
a re-union of the two
churches.  The proposition is couched in becoming and Christian-like language,
as follows:
" The undersigned, members of the Presbyterian Church and society of
Columbus, believing
there are now too many separate church organizations within the limits of
this city, in view
whereof those who agree as to such things are essential, ought to make an
effort to consolidate
their organizations, and, believing that the time has come to make such effort,
do cordially con-
sent to the following as a basis for consolidation of the said Presbyterian
with the Congregational
Church of the same place: When each of said churches shall have assumed and
taken the name
of the Olivet Church of Columbus, and shall have formally assented to a proposition
for consoli-
dation with the other, the two churches shall thereupon become united and
consolidated into one
church, to be thenceforward known and designated as the Olivet Church of
Columbus, and shall
be ecclesiastically connected with the Presbyterian and Congregational General
Convention of
Wisconsin. It was signed on the part of the Presbyterians by the following
persons: F. G.
Randall, E. G. Stitt, E. D. Kanouse, Jay Jennings, D. C. Davies, Dora Davies,
G. W. Hazel-
ton, F. Huggins, 0. Anderson, T. H. McConnell, H. D. James, Mrs. Jane Silsbee,
J. F. Shad-
duck, S. Hutchinson, A. S. Bath, I. G. McCafferty, Mrs. Adam McConnell, Rebecca
II. Mettler,
Emma J. McConnell, M. L. tIazelton, Delia L. Square, Mary C. Manning, Fannie
Caroline Stitt, Mattie Stitt, Mrs. 0. Anderson, Ida M. Jennings, Mrs. E.
Bissell, Katie Bissell,
Mrs. H. L. Rosenkrans, Mercy I. Hazelton, Harriett T. Hazelton, James H.
Hellen Rosenkrans, Sarah Kanouse, H. C. Randall and A. Randall.
     A similar paper was Circulated and generally signed by the Congregational
Church and
society as follows: Alfred Topliff, J. Q. Adams, R. W. Chadbourn, E. E. Chapin,
Loomis, James Webster, W. A. Polley, M. L. Polley, Catherine E. Chadbourn,
Sarah Ches-
brough, Fannie E. Dean, Eunice Dean, Martha Dean, Grace Dean, Mrs. G. C.
Mrs. E. B. Chapin, Mrs. M. J. Newcomb, F. W. Hart, H. Loomis, C. A. Loomis,
M. Loomis,
R. W. Earll, Charles H. Hall, B. F. Cooper, Theron Dodd, Mrs. L. I. Adams,
S. W. Chadbourn,
Mrs. S. W. Chadbourn, Lucius Randall, C. Baker, Mrs. P. B. Richmond, Mrs.
C. M. Smith,
Mary Benedict, Mrs. M. H. Parker, M. Smith, Mrs. J. D. Waterhouse, P. B.
Richmond, L. G.
Crosswell and Martha McConnell.
     Resolutions were subsequently adopted by both denominations accepting
the terms set forth
in the basis of the proposed re-union, and on September 17, 1874, the two
bodies held a joint
meeting and perfected their organization by electing the following officers:
For Deacons, E. G.
Stitt, James Webster, J. A. Bowen, J. Q. Adams, Dr. E. D. Kanouse and Milford
Loomis; for
Church Clerk, H. Loomis; for Church Treasurer, F. G. Randall.  On the 5th
of October, the
Olivet society was organized according to law, and the following persons
elected as Trustees:
E. D. Kanouse, L. Fuller, F. G. Randall, James Webster, Nelson Sawyer and
E. G. Stitt.
     The Congregationalists disposed of their church property to W. A. Thompson,
and the old
edifice is now in use as'"an agricultural warehouse.  A lease, signed
by G. W. Hazleton, E. G.
Stitt, F. G. Randall, Jacob Smith, J. S. Manning and J. M. G. Price, was
then drawn, setting
forth that "In consideration of the premises and of one dollar to us
in hand paid, the receipt of
which is confessed, we do hereby let and lease to the Olivet Church society
of Columbus the
church edifice and premises on which the same stands, heretofore known and
designated as the
Presbyterian church property, located on Broadway, in the city of Columbus,
county of Colum-
bia, for the term of one year from the 1st day of May, 1876, necessary repairs
to be made, if
any are required, by the said Olivet Church society." In pursuance with
the foregoing, E. G.
Stitt, G. W. Hazelton, J. S. Manning, Jacob Smith and J. M. G. Price, Trustees
of the

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