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Hibbard, Benjamin Horace, 1870-1955 / The history of agriculture in Dane County, Wisconsin

Chapter V: Difficulties of early farming,   pp. 114-120 PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 120

taking it across his shoulder he lugged it ten miles to a blacksmith
   But the entire lack of a plow was one of the worst misfortunes,
 though even this was not necessarily fatal to agricultural opera-
   Thus the tale goes and might easily fill a volume, but a mere
 snap shot at these scenes is all that the present work can admit.
 Let it be remembered, however, that these very conditions, trivial
 though they may seem, had an important role to play in the pros-
 perity and the character-building of the pioneer. It is true that
 he solved these perplexing problems because of an inborn
 and inimitable tact, but it is equally true that in the solution itself
 the frontiersman gained a self-reliance, a mastery of the situation,
 a tough body, and a clear head-all of which were needed in good
 time-but that is another story.
 70"Mr. F. C. Kirkpatrick, who came to the county In 1827, related his
 effort at plowing, being the first plowing done in the present limits of
 county. Ile had a horse and harness, but nothing In the similitude of a
 The framework he easily manufactured similar to the frame of a single shovel;
 through the beam he inserted a pick, commonly called a sinking pick. With
 this and his one horse he broke about two acres. The two acres produced
 bountiful harvest of corn. The corn was taken to Armstrong's mill, near
 where Dickeyville now stands, and ground, or rather cracked, the cracklings
 were grated and the gratings made Into bread.  In those days we went to
 Galena for our supply of necessaries."-Wie. Local Hiat. Coll., 13,
from COmty
Gazette (Grant county).

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