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Hartwig, Theodore E. F. / Letters, 1846 and 1851 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, SC 167 ([unpublished])

Cedarburg (Wis) September 25, 1846,   pp. [1]-23 PDF (8.9 MB)

Page 6

and then promsed me something on Monday.  He probably did not know where
his head was located because of the many emigrants who had paid for their
space but had not yet had it assigned to them.  You cannot imagine what a
mass of humanity this was all awaiting departure and whose experience was
the same as mice, because there were too few ships on hand to load them all.
 Since I was a liberty on Sunday afternoon due to the courtesy of Herr Ludering,
I naturally went to Linchen's where I was invited by Herr Ritter to the Bremer
Folk 9Schutzenfest) shooting festival which was being celebrated in a neighboring
 We rode with several other actors in an omnibus, which was like Oberon's*
"carriage of clouds," because one saw nothing of horses
or wheels
owing to the clouds of dust which made us deaf and blind.  Behind me, an
actress who had lost her golden bracelet was uttering the most heartrendering
lamentations.  Ahead, I heard the driver continually smack his tongue and
crack his whip at the horses, which, however, did not help much, because
the unfortunate beasts had probably already made the trip a dozen times.
 In spite of a few knocks in the ribs--it was a great journey.  
 Finally we got out, walked another quarter hour in the sand and at last
arrived at the gates of the shooting festival where we had our lapel buttonholes
decorated with red ribbons for which Herr Ritter paid very dearly.  Here
we found, in the lcaring in the wood, an aggregation of grand temple-like
buildings, richly deocrated with flags and wreaths,
*Oberon--in medieval mythology was king of te Fairies.

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