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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company meeting minutes, 1941-1947]


Two Rivers, Wisconsin
February 1, 1944
On this day at three o'clock P. V. the Board of Direc-
tors of Hamilton Manufacturing Company reconvened in the office
of the company in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, pursuant to adjourn-
ment of special meeting of the board which was originally con-
vened at the same place on November 30, 1943 and adjourned to
December 21, 1943 and to February 18, 1944.
The meeting was called to order by E. P. Hamilton,
nresident; W. G. Dickson, secretary, present and acting as such.
Roll call of directors showed the following present in person:
E. P. Hamilton
H. G. Evans
A. L. Nash
W. G. Dickson
The president stated that the Regulation VT loan Con-
tract, discussed at the meeting originally convened on November
30, 1943, was now in form acceptable to the Federal Reserve Bank
and to the seven participating banks and was ready for action by
this Board of Directors.
After full discussion of the contract presented to the
Board, Director H. G. Evans offered the following resolution:
"WHEREAS, this corporation has entered into various con-
tracts constituting war production contracts as that term
.s defined in Scction 4 of the Guarantee Agreement referred
Lo in the Loan Agreement hereinafter referred to, and con-
Vemplates that it will from time to time hereafter enter
into additional war production contracts, and this cor-

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