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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company meeting minutes, 1941-1947]


purposes on s-id comnpany, whether or not attes*& -
countersigned by any officer of the company.
RESOLVED FURTHER that any such contractual propsals,
bids, bonds, applications for bonds and papers re-
lating thereto, when signed in the company's name by
W. A. Friedrich, agent of said company in Washington,
D. C., and any labor reports signed by said W. A.
Friedrich as required by the states to which the
authority of said W. A. Friedrich is limited, shall
be deemed and hereby is declared to be binding
for all purposes on said company, whether or not
attested or countersigned by any officer of the
company; and the states within which this authority,
conferred on the said W. A. Friedrich, is to be
operative are declared to be North Carolina, South
Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and the
District of Columbia.
RESOLVED FURTHER that in case for any reason it shall be
requisite that any such contractual proposals, bids, bonds,
applications for bonds, and papers relating thereto, or
any contract of the company, when signed under the authority
of this resolution, be also attested or countersigned
by an officer of the company, then and in any such case,
the secretary and assistant secretary and the treasurer
and assistant treasurer of the company are and each of t.o:iI
hereby is, authorized and empowered to attest or counter-
sign by his signature the paper or document in question.
RESOLVED FURTHER that the president and vice president of
the company be and they hereby are and each of them hereby
is authorized., directed end empowered to execute in the
name of the company, with the attestation of the secretary
orassistant secretary, powers of attorney or other instru-
ments designating agents of the company and their powers
and duties as such; provided, however, that until further
action of this board of directors the powersand duties of
the said R. G. Halvorsen and the said W. A. Friedrich shall
be those set forth and defined in this resolution."
There being no further business to come before this
adjourned meeting of the board of directors, the same was on
motion adjourned sine die.

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