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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company meeting minutes, 1941-1947]


Preferentirl Porticipating stock on the
Chicago Stock Exchange and to aoear in L
half of the company at any hearing requiru
in connection with such delisting."1
The following resolution was offered by Director
H..G. Evans:
"RESOLVED, that an additional assistant secretary
and an additional assistant treasurer of the cor-
ooration be elected at this time.
RESOLVED FURTHER, that G. A. Dreger be elected as
assistant secretary and H. A. Glesner as assistant
BESOLVED FURTHER, that the secretary be authorized
to notify all banks in which the corporation de-
nosits funds of the election of H. A. Glesner as
assistant treasurer with authority to execute
checks, drafts, notes and other like obligations
issued or drawn to or on said banks, to the sae
extent as oreviously designated officials of thI
compuny and that a certified copy of this resol-
tion be furnished to all banks now actin- as
depositary for funds of the corpor-tion."
Director E.P.Hamilton effered the following reso-
"RESOLVED, that the treasurer be -nd he hereby is
authorized and directed to pay or cause to be paid
on July 11, 1941, adjusted compensation to all em-
ployees of the coruoration actively employed by the
company on July 10th, an amount equal to 5% of
gross earnings of all said emoloyees in the employ
of the company on July 10, 1941 and who received
wages or salaries during the period from January
1, 1941 to June 14, 1941, inclusive."

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