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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company meeting minutes, 1889a: 1889-1914]

1897,   pp. 53-[57]

Page [57]

7'v,                  ,  i  re c t. o i  e, s ~ao da r  in Ianu-
facturing Company,
"RTSOLVED, that the aforesaid contract be, and the same hereby
is fully and in all things consented to, ratified and confirmed;
and that the said Hamilton Manufacturing Company be, and it hereby
is authorized and directed to carry into effect all and singular
the provisions of said contract. Be it further
ORESOLVED, that James E. Hamilton, the President, and Lyma!
rI:      J. Nash, the Secretary of the said Hamilton Knufacturivg Company,
be, aid they hereby are authorized, empowered and directed in the
8di      name of said Company and for an in its behalf to make, execute and
deliver to the said Morgans & Wilcox Manufacturing Company a bond
Ig       and mortgage complyingin all rspects with the provisions and re-
quirements of the aforesaid contract; and that the said Secretary
of this Company be, and he hereby is authorized, empowered and dir-
ected to affix to such bond and mortgage the said Company's corpor-
its:   are seal. Be it further
"RESOLVED, that for the purpose of carrying into execution that
leg part of the aforesaid contr     t requiring the said Hamilton Manufac-
reatr     turing Company to assume anI pay the exiting mortgages to the
ened    amount of Seyen Thousa'd FiveHundred Dollars, ($7500), against the
property so purchased at Middletowri, N. Y., the said Hamilton Manu-
facttrin: Company be, and it hereby is authorized, empowered aid
directed to execute its negotiable promissory notes payabie to the
holders of said mortgages fo'- the purpose of taking up the existirng
notes of the Morgans & Wilcox Manufacturing Company which are se-
cured by said mortgages; also to execute further negotiable promis-
sory notes of the said Hamilton Manufacturing Company to renew the
ones first given until said incumbrances shall have been paid, sat-
isfied and discharged, all such promissory notes to be executed in
the name of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company by J. E. Hamilton,
President. Re it further
"RESOLVED, that in lieu of the execution and deliver, of the
bond ard mortgage securing Seventeen Thousand Dollars, (*17000),
hereinbefore mentioned, the directors of this Company are hereby
authorized to borrow the necessary funds elsewhere and pay immediate
ly in cash the said Seventien Thousand Dollars, (%17000), which
otherwise would be secured by said bond and mortgage. Be it further
"RESOLVED, that the proceedings of this meeting when duly
entered of record in tve books of this Company by the Secretary, be
copied in full and the copy duly aertified by the Secretary of this
Company over his hand and the corpq ate seal of the Company, and
that thereupon such certified copy' e delivered to the said Morgans
& Wilcox Company; also that a further certified copy of such minutes
or proceedings be attached to the aforesaid bond and to the aforesat
mortgage as parts thereof."
The aforesaid resolutions after having been read and considered
were adopted by the unanimous vote of the entire Board of Directors.
Minutes of this reeting read arid approved. Voted that this
Board do now adjourn sine die.

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