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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company meeting minutes, 1889a: 1889-1914]

1897,   pp. 53-[57]

Page 56

"anitowoc, Wis., Dec. 28th, A. D. 1897.
The directors of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company met this
day at the office of Nash & Nash in the city of Manitowoc, county of
1'tnitowoc, State of Wisconsin, at two o'clock P. M., to transact
Lsiness. J. E. Hamilton, President, present and presiding; William
D. Richards present; L. J. Nash, Secretary, also pre sent; the said       d
J. E. Hamilton, William D. Richards and L. J. Nash constituting the       al
full Board of Directors of said Company.
The following resolution was offered by William D. Richards:
"Whereas, on the 15th day of Dec   er, A. D. 1897, the Morgans
& Wilcox Manufacturing Company of Middlitown, N. Y., a corporation
duly organized under the laws of the State of New York) represented        a
by Robert Cochran, its President, and  Floyd W. Morgans, its
Secretary, and the said Hamilton Manu    urnr Company represented        fir
y its President, J. E. Hamilton, and  ts Setretary, L. J. Nash,           lip
ntered into a certain provisional contract which by its terms will         h
'come conclusive and absolute, birding the said Morgans & Wilcox          W.
'anufacturing Company and the 'said Hamilton Manufacturing Company IV
upon its due ratification by resolutions duly adopted by the respec-      fo
tive Boards of Directors of said Companies; which said contract pro-      ON
ided that the said Morgans & Wilcox Company should sell to the said      It
arnilton Manufacturing Company acd that the said Hamilton Manufac-
:ring Com nary should purchase from the said Morgans & Wildbx Com-
ny all of the property, property rights and good will then owned
t, the said Morgans & Wilcox Company, including all its real and
personal property wheresoever situate except such property and
property rights as the said Morgans & Wilcox Company reserved to
itself by the second paragraph of said contract; and further pro-
vided that the purchase price of the property so to be sold and con-
'eed and purchased should be Thirty Seven Thousand Dollars,
(.-37000.00), together with certain mortgage liens amounting to
Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars, ($7500.00). assumed by the pur-
chaser, making the purchase   le in all Forty Four Thousand Five
Hundred Dollars, ($44500.00);land praided further that tthe purchase
price should be paid as follows: Five Thousand Dollars ($5000.00),
in cash on the day of the date of said contract; Fifteen Thoustnd
Dollars , ($15000.00), in cash upon the execution, ratification 'and
.,livery of said contract; and Seventeen Thousand Dollars, ($17000),
a four payments of Four Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Dollars, ($4250),
, in six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months from the date
Ssaid contract, such deferred payrients to bear interest at the
te of six per cent per annum and to be secured by the bond of the
-milton Manufacturing Company and its mortgage to the Morgans Com-
iny on the real estate included in the purdase, such mortgage to
scribeandmakeapartof the real*estate so mortgaged all of the
tchinery and patterns conveyed by the contract to the Hamilton
mpany; and provided that the remainder of said purchase price,
amely, Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars, ($7500), should be
aid by the assumption on the part of the Hamilton Manufacturing
ompany and by its payment of the mortgage liens existing against
'he real estate purchased, amountin to Seven Thousand Pive Hundred

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