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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company meeting minutes, 1889a: 1889-1914]

1895,   pp. 46-49

Page 46

o hiersis., JanL. 22ni, 1890.
-  ii _ce or me anaLt~~ton1'iantufacturine
cit               -- If I..ria ton~ ~m
the eit. of Twoiers, Wisnusin, J        . H   ton,
D. Richards ail Lyman J.Nash, directors of said corpooation
el   -1f --1 q               ,  '  0
is-da  ecte, met for'    ..  s o   electin  officesad
n i1Z; s chI ot"her business asmijhtbenecessar.
Te mintes of t   ie'cI1s' meetin1s heldJanuar- 20th,
7il  ' and `ovember 1th, i1D4, read and approved.
. D. Ricards presented thefolowi'n resol ,tion:
PTo Rivers,Wis., Janfar -2d, 189.
2EOLVD: Thai. thi board proceed byr balloI o  ect
fillwing this neeting.
iJned) W.D. Ri ards
P-v sLin  toi salu resb tionl uponI ballot bein taken,
:    . Hamniton was electedPresidentanaTreasrer, .. D.
chardswaselectedVice President, and Liran J. Nash was elected
on was offeredb; 'W.D.Richards:
'0 Rivers, W is., Jan. 22n,197.
Hailton be and he herebis
nera   a .ia er o tIiis co-poration, ith the same
tie        f   exercisedbyhi in that office.
(Signed) W. D. Richards.
D. Richards offered te foilowin. resolution:
Two ivers, Wis., Jan. 22nd ,1295.
0 VD: That thesalar  of J. E. Ham(iton as Pesilent
a1d general rm for the ear1895befixedat2000,
t  :ebe authorized to pay . P. Hadiison $1800 for his ser-
1es for tie sae!, &ar.
(Sijrned) W. N. Richards.
Iefoli  in   eso  tion was obfered   L. J. "ash:
"EREAS,  1 inn'ial statenD t ofti          Oeasurerof th  R
ni act i, Compan fil ed wit the  c      this 22nd
189), snowsore than 8000 of2ash idhand a hidh
the opinnof te Directors, ma. be use inpa ingadiviaend
-i1 Uo tdkhol 1d e rs of -sa id .-Companyv, w ithout imp,,)ali ri ng i tz abili1
medt; all c.Irrent expensesnus-xcal   h floating. ina -tedness
the ComipanowVes; ar;a
WHERBAS, a 20, dividend upon i JI  I e stock  oUt tad-   On
issued bsaid Coipany aill amount to $8287.CJ:it re fore be it,
. RSOI4fD: That e     1-be,e  tiha tere ne*Ii  .is, de-
n   .  s+ s"c' of said Company to the severa
of sun stock.
i  ned)  L. J . Nas'.
t  1nI1tes C0 C si'L   eeting read ain aproved.
sine le.

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