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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company meeting minutes, 1889a: 1889-1914]

1894,   pp. 42-45

Page 45

I h l
ianitovc,, Wisconsin, James E. Hamilton and Lyman J
'-ectors o     >e Hailton Manufacturing Company, met and held
alae       fo  4he purpose of transacting business coming
before sai  irkc s; Wiliam D. ichards, the other director,
being at the present time, and for about three weeks last past
:a.  ;been, without the State of Wisconsin, was not notified to
U:'                Mf~iac'  i  0
-as now on hand aboi     = Thiousand ollars in cashwhich, inthe
oino of the direr ilbespared for the purpose of paying
a dividend to the sto1.ocrsof said Company without impairing
its ability to meet all current expenses and such slight floating
inde stesas the Company owes; and
"IHEREAS, certain ones of the stockholde-s haveoverdrawn
anei accounts to an amount which if paid intotL I       -inwould
make the total amo             o- ey t :and upwards o0f  ousand
Dollars; and
WHEREAS, a 1=4:. jividend uon                      -k now
outstanding issued        .Companywillamountto               there-
fore be it
RESOLVED, that there be. ni that there ierey is, de-
clared a dividend upon all the   o      said Company to the several
and respective owners thereof, o,   &   r cent. of such stock:
provided, however, that, such divie    instead of bein' paid in
cash to such stockholders as may be indebted to said Company upon
book account, siall be credited'to them respectively upon their
said accounts and only the surplus over and above the amount re-
quired to balan - a
in cash.
ie :rintes of this meeting read and approved.
Voted I a  tlis   r  o now ad-ourn sie die.

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