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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company meeting minutes, 1889a: 1889-1914]

1889,   pp. 21-27

Page 24

.]~'~fiJi ouc, of       oi idp is  La, s8t1 ,i .i~~o
,::-s one half owner of the assets of the firm of Bamilton & Bkdr
and his transfer of his in.erest Ierein to the coration
therefore was an invesoment of -11403.225; the orif;inal invcstment
of W.D.RicharIds was -7500 paid to Ir. ,aker; the investment of
W.C.Luse was  1500 vihich Ye subscribed for sbock;  at of H.P.
Hanilton $1600 subscribed for stock; that of Wa,. '.Clark $1700
subscribed for stock; of L.J.Uash 82393.55 subscribed for
stock. Thabthe percent of gain -o each one on these invesoents
was 14.95 per/ cent. The gain on J.F.Hamilnon's one half iTerest
was $1704.7i; ihat on W.D.Richards' 7500 was $1121.25; that on
W.C.Luse's ijvest-ment of $1500 was $224.25; that upon H.P.Famil-
non's invesment of $1600 was l239.20; that upon L.J.lash's in-
vestment of $2393.55 was 357.83; that upon Walter C.0lark's in-
vestment of $1700 was ;254.15. So that      t        if issued
according to the above arrangement, J.F.Hamilton would receive
stock to the amount of  13108; W.D.Richards to bhe amount of
$8621.25; W.C.Luse to whe amount of $1724.25; H.P.Hamil1on to the
amount of $1639.20; Walter C.Clark to the amount of $1954.15;
T. Th to the amount of $2751.38; and
shares; H.P.Hamilon 18 1/2 shares; Wal1er n.Xlark 19 1/2 shares
and L.J.Nash 27 1/2 shares;
Therefore Resolved, 'hab2ceK of :his corooration to
the amounb of 131 shares be issued to said J.E.Hamilbon and that
the Treasurer pay him on account of his invesJinent 28; that upon
the payment by W.D.Richards to the Treasurer of the further sum

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