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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company miscellaneous type specimen sheets, catalogs, price lists, etc.]

Woodtype: selective emphasis for fine typography,   pp. [unnumbered]-48

Laboratory Equipment
A complete line of science laboratory
equipment is supplied for schools,
colleges,  hospitals  and  industry.  In  this
field Hamilton pioneered the
Unit System idea to effect installation
economies. A full time staff of
engineers provide layout and planning
service and are ready to design
custom-built equipment for highly
specialized applications.
Library Stacks
This line provides a choice of shelving for
every library need. In addition to
offering unique versatility in conventional
shelving, Hamilton originated an
entirely new approach to book storage
procedure. This concept, known
as Compo Stack, is a drawer-type
operation which doubles storage
capacity in a given area - actually
facilitates finding and filing of books.
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Dental Equipment
The most common item of equipment in
your dentist's office is a Hamilton-made
American Dental cabinet. Here the
dentist keeps the instruments and suppies
which he regularly uses at the chair.
A company product since 1903, Hamilton
veloped many improvements in
jinet design which have evolved into
the versatile Modular Units for
individualized operatory adaptations.
Printing Equipment
A natural sequence to our first product -
Wood Type - is a variety of printing
equipment. In 1880, J. E. Hamilton hand
cut the letters G-R-A-N-D B-A-L-L.
to help the local printer in an emergency.
The excellence of his product created
such a demand that he decided
to make a business of it. Subsequently,
various types of equipment were
added, and now include complete lines
for letterpress and lithographic plants.
Erickson Portable Products
This equipment consists of cafeteria
tables, tennis tables, band stands, choral
risers and stages. Unique design
permits folding upright for minimum
storage space and built in casters
assure easy movement. The advantages
of these products are quickly
apparent where available space must
serve multiple purposes or the products
must be used in various areas.
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School Furniture
Fully aware of the wide range of
equipment needs at all educational
levels, Hamilton provides comprehensive
facilities for Arts and Crafts and
Homemaking departments. This line
consists of work and storage equipment
for instructors and students.
included in this category is All-Purpose
equipment for full time classroom
space utilization.

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